Learn more about Kingsway Vrac

Kingsway Bulk is the leader in bulk product logistics and road transport in Eastern Canada and the United States. We put our expertise, flexibility, versatility, and reliability to work for you to get your products where they need to go.

We are the best at this because we rely on teamwork and empower our personnel to deliver optimal performance. To sustain our leadership position, we continually renew our equipment and machinery. Staying on the leading edge of technology is also one of our top priorities. At Kingsway Bulk, our team makes a real difference!

Work environment

Kingsway stays way ahead of the competition through concrete and consistent action.

Train and inform

  • Continuous personnel training policy
  • Team meetings
  • In-house newsletter, “Kingsway Bulk”

Raise awareness

  • Safety and prevention meetings
  • Notification of changes in legislation
  • Regular reminders regarding fuel economy, mechanical quality control checks, etc.
  • Emphasis on appropriate workload distribution


  • Achieve shared objectives
  • Seasonal activities for employees
  • Reward and recognition
  • Performance bonus
  • Good conduct rewards (observing speed limits, inspection prior to departure, work slow down, etc.)
  • Career development and opportunities


Kingsway Bulk is committed to providing reliable and versatile bulk transportation services. Our team as a whole deploys its efforts and expertise to deliver peak customer service. Our objective is your total satisfaction.


  • Respect for our customers and their products
  • Respect for our people, our most valuable resource at Kingsway Bulk
  • Respect for the environment
  • Community involvement