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We have been in business for 116 years because we know how to change and adapt to meet the industry's need. We are constantly looking at innovative ways to make our products more user friendly, lighter, using materials that are stronger, safer, and more durable. Technology has drastically improved since the turn of the 20th Century and we are keeping apace both in terms of improvements to our products and creating new products to meet the requirements for tomorrow's worker. Along these lines, Jelco has designed the first wood pole fall arrest system named The Pole Choker®.

Our core principles are tried and tested. We believe in our people and our people believe in our product. Our values are simple: each and every product is made as if our son, daughter, or loved one will use the product. Life is delicate and our job is to preserve life for those that climb to high and dangerous places. There are no short cuts or cost saving measures in our business. We inspire to instill confidence for those people that depend on our products.

Jelco will continue to uphold our core values and principles in accordance with our proud tradition in providing the very best products in the world in safety and quality for our customers as we move into the 21st century and beyond.

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