Infodev Electronic Designers International Inc.

Infodev Electronic Designers International Inc.

1995, Frank-Carrel, Suite # 202, Quebec City , QC G1N 4H9

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Infodev's core business is counting people electronically, wherever they are: in retail environments (shopping centres, stores), casinos, museums, train and bus stations, airports, and in vehicles (bus, light rail, train, boats). We design and manufacture accurate, reliable and easily installed automatic people counting systems delivered with unsurpassed customer service and support. Our leading edge technologies set the standards.

Our specialized people counting sensors offer overhead or lateral counting in doors and wide passageways. This combination ensures the utmost flexibility for your facility. With thousands of sensors and loggers installed in hundreds of locations throughout the world, economies of scale and our experience make them the simplest and most cost effective systems available anywhere.

Infodev is not just a reseller or an integrator, but a true innovator. We design the electronics, the optics, the packaging and the software. We manufacture and install our products. We offer other products for the transit industry: traffic light priority, automatic vehicle localization (AVL) and preventive maintenance data acquisition. Request a quote today and see your business under a whole new light!

Community involvement

At INFODEV EDI, we strongly believe that as a corporation, we can make a difference in the lives of our employees and our community. In the last years, the majority of our donations were made towards three pillars of human life : Health, Knowledge and Community.

Health Charities
Having access to accessible health care and the best doctors is part of the basic human rights but is not always to everyone. By giving back to health charities, Infodev EDI whishes to contribute to cutting-edge research in those various fields of medicine. Most of those charities are located in the Province of Québec where our main office is located.

Education & Knowledge
At the core of INFODEV EDI is a deep knowledge thirst. Our founder and our team are passionate about knowledge in their field and in life in general. We believe that education and constant learning is the key to thrive in an ever-changing world. Giving back to High Schools, Universities, Science foundations and even musical excellency programs is our way to pass on our passion for knowledge.

Being a family-owned business, INFODEV EDI knows the value of community and family. We already give flexible work hours to our employees in order for them to better conciliate their family life and their career but wanted to do more for other families that might need a helping hand. We are proud to give back to charities that provide shelter, protection and care for citizens of any age and any background.

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