Industries GRC inc.

Industries GRC inc.

2681, de la Salle, Saguenay , QC G7S 2A8

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Founded in 1987, Les Industries GRC Inc. specializes in manufacturing custom and series metal products from high-precision metal sheets. Les Industries GRC is a leading-edge company for which meeting project deadlines, reaching high operational quality, and observing each client’s business reality are fundamental to the know-how and expertise
of each member of the team.

Our desire to continually improve our development and our pronounced taste for proactivity allow us to continually remain at the peak of technology and as a leader within our industry.

All of our customers show similar requirements and characteristics: consistent stringency in the accuracy of our manufacturing, the meeting of our deadlines, the ability to accommodate growth, high added value to the production and the finishing.

Our determination to satisfy our clientele encourages flexibility, creativity and responsibility within our employees. Renowned for the quality of its products and the service that is offered, the team at Industries GRC respects the standards, specifications and requirements of its clientele while insuring that agreed deadlines are met, and all of this in a work place that is safe and healthy where respect and accountability are our priorities.