Industrielle Alliance - Agence Québec Rive-Sud

Industrielle Alliance - Agence Québec Rive-Sud

5650, rue J.-B. Michaud, Niveau 5, Lévis , QC G6V 0A9

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iA Financial Group is one of the largest insurance and wealth management groups in Canada, with operations in the United States. Founded in 1892, it is an important Canadian public company and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols IAG (common shares) and IAF (preferred shares).

Our new company structure gives us more flexibility to execute our growth strategy. Our new holding company created on January 1, 2019, iA Financial Corporation Inc., will better serve our ambitions and the changing needs of our multi-faceted financial services organization.

Our mission: To ensure the financial wellbeing of our clients by offering them personal insurance coverage and investment solutions to help them achieve their personal goals.

Work environment

What we offer

A human approach

We care a lot about our employees and acknowledge the contribution each one of them makes to our success. We offer a dynamic workplace based on respect, where everyone has a voice and participates in decision-making. Working for us means being part of one big family.

Professional development opportunities

We place great importance on the professional development of our employees. Not only do we promote learning by doing, we also encourage them to take training courses in line with their career objectives. In fact, we offer our employees internal and external training and coaching courses and programs to meet their needs.

Career advancement

Thanks to the diversity of our operations and our presence across Canada, we offer employees the opportunity to develop their skills for a long and meaningful career. Internal mobility opportunities in particular are of prime importance to our president. Whatever your career aspirations, you’ll always find your place with us.

Quality working conditions

In addition to benefitting from a stimulating work environment based on continuous improvement and teamwork, our employees have access to a full range of benefits: group insurance coverage, professional development support and a pension plan, to name but a few. We also offer flexible working arrangements.

A flexible hybrid work model

It’s important to us to offer our employees the possibility of choosing, every day, where they want to work to be most effective. Our approach will be based on a flexible hybrid model that combines telework and presence in the workplace, with no obligation to do the latter. Redesigned workspaces will be a part of this new model which is intended to provide one of the most stimulating experiences for employees in the workplace.