Genisys Groupe Conseil inc.

Genisys Groupe Conseil inc.

1305, rue du Blizzard, suite 104, Quebec City , QC G2K 0A1

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Since 1997, Génisys has been providing proven high technology expertise in the fields of industrial automation and data processing.

In order to meet your manufacturing productivity needs, our engineers and experienced technicians will design and implement systems that include elements such as Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA).

Our industrial data processing know-how allows us to set up productivity measuring applications based on your key performance indicators. These applications are based on a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which is a computerized system that manages production activities in real time.

The expertise developed by Génisys has allowed the company to create application solutions for vertical marketplaces including OctopusTM and Oxy. These products were made possible by the range and combination of skills among our industrial automation and data processing specialists.


Génisys’ mission is to maintain a leadership position in setting up technological solutions aimed at improving operational performance for industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Our strength rests in our innovative abilities and on providing products/services adapted for each of our clients’ needs. This customer based policy is made possible by a team that shares the values of excellence and meeting all commitments.

A cutting-edge, synergistic team

Relying on a multidisciplinary team made up of engineers, technicians, analysts, and programmers with some of the best real-world training, Génisys offers its clients innovative solutions adapted to their specific business environments. The technological advances integrated to our solutions provide efficient means to ensure any business’ healthy growth.

Our specialists have become experts in the development and implementation of simple, user-friendly communications bridges between a company’s different manufacturing and computerized environments.

Whether dealing with new installations or adapting new technologies to existing manufacturing set-ups, our automation and data-processing experts will adjust their skills to meet all of our clients’ needs.