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Our mission: Protecting people in the digital age.

This is obviously a daunting task that cannot be accomplished alone. But we have chosen to contribute by helping companies and organizations. Companies are the ones that have the most data these days, and therefore, are the most targeted by hackers. The impact of an attack is also more important on a company than on an individual; if a company is hit, the data and security of many people are compromised at once.

By helping companies secure this data, we want to protect society as a whole. Having an impact on our community is very important to us, so we do everything we can to help mainly Quebec SMEs by offering them services that correspond to their business reality.

Here are the 11 reasons to work in cybersecurity at CyberSwat Group:

Work environment

Plus d'info sur nous : Premier fournisseur québécois en évaluation du cyberrisque adaptée au domaine de l’assurance, le Groupe CyberSwat offre également plusieurs produits et services de cybersécurité aux grandes entreprises et aux petites et moyennes entreprises (PME).

Pour nous, l’excellence des travaux réalisés est une priorité. Nous agissons de manière transparente avec nos clients, nos partenaires et nos conseillers. Afin de minimiser les coûts, nous vous aidons à trouver le juste équilibre dans la mise en œuvre des mesures de sécurité.