CRT Construction inc.

CRT Construction inc.

870, rue Archimède, Lévis , QC G6V 7M5

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CRT Construction’s operations are based on two key factors: dependable employees and solid implementation for thorough and efficient fulfilments. Our know-how and technological expertise, backed by over 50 years of experience, allow us to enjoy a high profile among the major players in the Quebec construction industry.

We have built a solid reputation through our projects in the civil, maritime and industrial fields for both the private and public sectors. Our highly qualified and experienced staff can carry out the most complex projects in a thorough and professional manner. Despite the company's growth and evolution over the years, our managers remain committed to being close to the various projects and passing on the values of the organization.

To be part of the CRT Construction Team

As employees are a key factor in our success, we don’t underestimate their value and we provide them a healthy and safe environment where mutual respect is part of our day-to-day operations. Choosing to work at CRT Construction is joining a committed and solidary team where you will be brought to build a stimulating and rewarding future for yourself. It's becoming part of a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds for the last 50 years. It's entering the big family that is CRT Construction.

Work environment

Health and Safety

Our personnel are our most precious asset and they contribute directly to our success and yours. We truly believe in the elimination of workplace-related health risks and accidents. Our health and safety strategies are ideated and implemented as a collaborative effort between our employees, our leadership team and everyone working on our worksites throughout Canada. In order to provide a safe working environment, we have developed and implemented prevention and intervention mechanisms that correspond to the industry's best practices for worksite health and safety.

Since each project has its own specific particularities, we perform in advance a complete analysis and a detailed planning in order to put in place an efficient prevention program. Good interpersonal relations in the workplace are also a prime concern of ours. A Director of labour relations is always present on location to ensure efficient human resources management, to act as a conciliator in case of conflicts and to oversee that proper accident prevention measures are taken. The almost non-existence of conflicts and our workers' loyalty are main advantages for our company.

Mission and Values

Our mission consists in building a better future for all through our work and achievements while respecting our strict code of ethics.

Our goal is to carry out major projects in ingenious and efficient ways within the specified timeframe and budget, all with our proactive approach based on co-operation.