Learn more about Corem

Corem is a center of expertise and innovation in mineral processing with the largest concentration of resources dedicated to research and development in this field in Canada. Corem has extensive equipment and infrastructure to conduct ore characterization, process development and optimisation and pilot testing in mineral separation and hydrometallurgy.

Innovating through collaboration

To optimize R&D efforts, Corem works in tight collaboration with these mining corporation members and their clients from around the world.

Along with the Canadian and Quebec governments, many projects are lead with these private academic world partners.

Our mission

Working in tight conjunction with members, clients and partners, we are creating innovative, durable, mineral treatment solutions for our industry.

Our vision

To be internationally renowned as a leader in mineral treatment technologies and innovation.

Our values

Team spirit
Healt, safety and sustainable development

Career opportunities

Corem is in a position to offer a highly stimulating professional challenge to those who are passionate about their work and wish to undertake the poursuit of excellence.

Dynamic and creative persons who would enjoy working within a multidisciplinary team are invited to send their curriculum vitae with an accompanying letter to the following address :

Work environment

Policy on healt, safety and the environment

Corem manages its activities so that its employees, visitors and subcontractors are provided with a healthy and safe workplace and that the environment is protected.

Through multiple actions, Corem makes all the necessary efforts to prevent employment injuries and pollution.

To do so, Corem commits to: 

  • Manage its activities in compliance with laws and regulations, while putting the emphasis on prevention; 
  • Insure continual improvement of its systems and practices in that matter;
  • Manage health, safety and environmental issues in an integrated and harmonized manner in collaboration with the overall management of the organization;
  • Foster and recognize participation and performances.

With a culture that promotes innovation, learning and multi disciplinarity, Corem relies on the commitment and accountability of every staff member to achieve its objectives with regards to the workplace and the environment.

Career management

Research fellowships

Corem offers a unique environment for industrial research fellowships to prepare graduate researchers for the challenges of R&D. Submitted research topics must be related to our pre-competitive research project portfolio.

Corem has established relationships with professors from several academic institutions with an interest in supporting post-doctorate research, among them:

Université Laval

McGill University

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Université de Sherbrooke

University of Alberta

University of British Columbia

Post-doctoral fellowships are conditional upon the approval of the MITACS-Accelerate program or the granting of a postdoctoral award from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Candidates interested in submitting an application are requested to send their curriculum vitae with an accompanying cover letter to the following address :