AirBoss Defense Group

AirBoss Defense Group

970, rue Landry, Acton Vale , QC J0H 1A0

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AirBoss Defence Group, a leader in rubber compounding, extrusion and calendering since 1930!

AirBoss Defence Group develops, manufactures and sells high quality rubber products worldwide that deliver superior performance, productivity and cost effectiveness to the industrial, military and transportation sectors.


To understand and meet our customers' expectations, to design efficient and customized products and to provide high quality service.


To position AirBoss Defence Group as a leader in the formulation and processing of rubber products.


Beyond state-of-the-art equipment, AirBoss' strength lies first and foremost in its teams of experienced professionals and chemists, who provide quality and service that is superior to anything else on the market.

With its core values of respect, teamwork and mutual support, AirBoss is able to maintain a stable and passionate team of experts committed to the success of the company and its customers. We believe that people are our most important asset. The growth and development of our employees is essential to the success of our company. That's why we invest in training, provide leadership opportunities and offer structured career advancement programs.