AFS Ateliers de fabrication du Saguenay inc

AFS Ateliers de fabrication du Saguenay inc

1190, rang 5, Saint-Ambroise , QC G7P 2E2

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For twenty five years now, we've been designing and manufacturing products according to the needs of our clientele, efficiently responding to the specific requirements they encounter in their fields.

Our mission

AFS specializes in metal transformation in the industrial, agricultural and commercial domains, while providing flexibility to clients. Our team is comprised of qualified personnel who manufacture and install in a safe and secure manner.

  • Steel structures
  • Metalworking
  • Welded mechanical pieces
  • Specialized pieces conditioning equipment for garden produce

Our vision

AFS is recognized for designing, manufacturing and distributing of products and equipment that meet the requirements of clients and contribute to their product’s quality and performance. In order for the company to be a successful organization, we implement best practices in all areas of intervention.

  • Recognized: our positioning
  • Requirements: standards, quality
  • Quality: for client products
  • Performance: help reduce costs, decrease losses, yield, durability, etc.

Our team

The AFS is a competent team that concerns itself with the quality of their products. Our team comprises:

  • Skillful managers, well trained in the latest management methods, and concerned with maintaining the reputation of quality our company has with its clientele, as well as promoting an exemplary working environment for our employees.
  • A competent sales team that respects the client and assures that the client's needs and expectations are totally fulfilled.
  • Estimators and project managers charged with the task of accurately projecting the costs of production, following ISO norms so as not to go over the budget set at the time the contract is made, and to avoid production errors.
  • Motivated employees trained to always excel in their work, constantly rising to new challenges in the agricultural and in the industrial sectors.