Sortez de votre zone de confort : Emplois d’été et placements coop dans le Nord


By Erin Jackson When Kevin Robbie signed up for a three-month summer co-op placement in Yellowknife, he was expecting chilly weather and a city not so different from his hometown of Georgetown, Ontario. Instead, he found himself swimming in the freezing cold Great Slave Lake, walking home at 11 p.m. with the sun still shining, [...]

Êtes-vous le leader recherché par les employeurs?


By Mariane Jobin Are you familiar with the concept of leadership? Though it has become a popular word in the world of work, a little caution is in order: the term is not only widely used, but frequently overused or even misused. Do you know what leadership really is? What does it take to be [...]

La valeur d’une expérience à l’étranger


By Kathleen Clark The world, they say, is at your fingertips. You can armchair travel in 140 characters or less for hours, Skype with people across a dozen time zones and barely notice a lag, or virtually order shawarma and have it at your door in 30 minutes or it’s free. But the global village [...]

La télémédecine, ou quand la technologie améliore les conditions de vie dans le Nord


By Kathryn Young It helps save lives, enables timely diagnoses and treatment, and allows patients and health-care providers in remote areas to feel less isolated. Telemedicine—the use of advanced telecommunications and technology to deliver health care at a distance—has made Canada a global leader. It allows children in the Northwest Territories to receive regular speech [...]


portrait pretty girl with globe show finger north america

By Erin Jackson If you had told me at the beginning of my university career I’d be going on a student exchange to the Netherlands, I simply would not have believed you. Born in Yellowknife and raised in Ireland, I decided to move back to Canada to study journalism at Carleton University. Hopping on a [...]

A Northern hold on our imagination


Canada’s North. It fascinates us. It defines us. Peter Gzowski, famed national radio personality, once described the North as the soul of Canada. The notion of North permeates Canadian culture. In our national anthem, we describe our country as the “true North, strong and free,” and the federal government is spending time and treasure to [...]

Rich With Resources and Opportunity


By Hilary Thomson Southern Canadians may think of the North as a frigid no-man’s-land dotted with the occasional polar bear. In reality the region has much more to offer than ice, snow and large white mammals. The northern parts of our provinces and the territories are rich with employment opportunities for young people—as rich as [...]