Start Your Career in Oil and Gas: SME Jobs Available for All Education Backgrounds


By Megan Stacey If small and medium-sized oil and gas companies aren’t already on your job watch list, they should be. In such a broad industry, the career possibilities are virtually endless. Jobs vary in their scope, location and required education—there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re graduating high school and thinking about entering the workforce, [...]

Good Chemistry: SMEs Offer Science Grads a Strong Mix of Job Benefits


By Laura Jakobschuk Variety is the spice of life, and science students looking for an interesting career path may find more excitement in small businesses. In many fields, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) offer more opportunities than larger companies for graduates entering the workforce. The work is usually more diverse and less repetitive, which provides [...]

SME Owners: What Do They Look For? An Inside Look at the Event Management Industry


By Jordan Adams The event management industry can be a tough one to crack, but SME owner Jenny Faucher says that with the right attitude, you can make a name for yourself. Faucher founded her event and association management company Managing Matters in 2004. The 15-person firm is based in Toronto, but puts on events [...]

Chambers of Commerce: A Wealth of Opportunity

chambres of commerce

Wondering how to raise your profile within the business community, and access SME employers in your area? Look no further than your local chamber of commerce. With plenty of networking events and student programs available, young people can take advantage of the opportunities that chambers of commerce provide. Career Options spoke with Cate Proctor, executive [...]

In the Health and Fitness Industry, Your Work Is Working Out

Fitness Blond 15

By Grace Kennedy Lindsay Goetz has always been active. Whether participating in dance, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, swimming or CrossFit, she is always on the move, and applies this enthusiasm to her career in the health and fitness industry. She completed the recreation and leisure program at Conestoga College in 2010, and then moved into [...]



By David Lindskoog Networking, in the employment sense of the word, can be a tiresome task. It’s most often an obligation, not something you really want to do. The word evokes images of meaningless small talk, stiffly formal handshakes and business card exchanges. The act can feel competitive, inauthentic and even irritating. In other words, [...]


la course

By Kathy Kirkpatrick and Jill Latschislaw Is winter the time to think about your summer job? Yes! For most of you, the summer job is your main source of income; not only does it pay for your living expenses and social life, but it also helps cover most or all of your tuition for the [...]

Les arts et la culture du Nord : Un patrimoine…et des emplois


By Hilary Thomson Canada’s North: a land of ice and snow that is fertile with culture, art and opportunity. The northern territories represent a huge portion of the country’s landmass, yet are home to very little of its population. Even so, the art and culture of the North has come to represent Canada in many [...]



By Maria Church So what does it take to brave the North? Is it a certain personality type? Maybe a particular astrological sign? One thing is certain: not everyone is up for the challenge of transporting their lives to another city, never mind one located in Canada’s northern territories. So who is the right candidate [...]