7 Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid In 2023 

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Grab the attention of hiring managers and write a strong job application that will help you get the job you want by knowing 7 cover mistakes to avoid in 2023. 

Your cover letter is an important part of your job application. Along with your resume, your cover letter must explain your professional career and why you are the right person to excel in a particular job role. While the idea may seem a little outdated, recent surveys find that 74% of hiring managers still expect a cover letter as part of the recruiting and hiring process. Given this clear importance, you should still out the time and effort into writing a strong cover letter, avoid ensure that no common errors find their way into your CV. Here are 7 cover letters mistakes to avoid in 2023. 

7 Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid In 2023 

  • Bulk sending the exact same cover letter
  • Duplicating your resume 
  • Not signing your cover letter 
  • Exceeding one page in length 
  • Poor opening statement 
  • Grammatical errors 
  • Using AI to Write 

1. Bulk sending the exact same cover letter 

An experienced hiring manager will be able to tell if you have sent them a generic cover letter. Doing so creates a bad first impression and could make it seem that you did not put any care or effort into your application.  It creates a negative first impression and harms your chances of getting hired. It is always good practice to personalize your cover letter and make sure that it is specific to the job you are applying for.  

Even when working from a cover letter template, you should try to start this personalization as early as opening greeting. Address the cover letter directly to the hiring manager whenever possible. This information may be found on the company website or their LinkedIn profile. It will draw their attention and prove that you have researched the company.   

The bulk of your cover letter should be specifically tailored to a specific job role. Carefully read the job description and identify all main keywords. For example, if the description mentions “Google Ads certification” or “experience leading small team” you should include these keywords when describing your relevant skills and experience. 

Remember that recruiters appreciate it when you demonstrate knowledge of the company in your cover letter, and this will likely not be included in a generic one. Therefore, always be sure to mention specific company goals and policies which appeal to you as a prospective employee

2. Duplicating your resume 

Creating your resume is an obviously important step in the job application process. Like your cover letter, it requires a lot of work, and it should be customized to meet the unique requirements of each job application. It only makes sense that you want your resume to stand out, but this should not mean repeating the exact same information in your cover letter. 

This is one of the more common cover letter mistakes because knowing how to separate it from your resume can be a little tricky. Your cover letter should always complement and expand your resume, and not duplicate it. Think of it like this: your resume says what you accomplish, and your cover letter explains how you did it. 

For example, your resume can say something like “Increased team sales by 40%, surpassing targets.” You should definitely bring this up in your cover letter, explaining how you implemented and led bi-weekly brainstorming sessions to review customer feedback and revamp sales techniques in response. 

3. Not signing your cover letter 

While it may seem unbelievable that something as trivial as not signing your cover letter could be reason for your job application being rejected, this can actually be the case. Not signing your name at the conclusion of your cover letter could convey your lack of attention to detail and be perceived as poor business etiquette and a lack of professionalism, making it one of 7 cover letter mistakes to avoid in 2023.  

When sending your cover letter via email, signing could be as simple as typing your name, but if it possible to add your actual signature, it may help boost your cover letter in a positive way. 

People often remember a cover letter’s ending, as it is the last thing that they will read. You should spend time writing a memorable ending and include a call-to action that will motivate the hiring manager. “I look forward to speaking with you about the job role,” for instance. 

You should also add a line thanking the hiring manager for their time and end with a professional salutation. “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” and “Thank you” are all good options. 

4. Exceeding one page in length 

The hiring process takes up a lot of valuable resources, especially money and time. On average, a hiring manager will receive hundreds of job applications for every job post. They simply do not have time to read dense, multipage cover letters, resumes and CVs for every applicant. A cover letter mistake is sending one that is too long, because the hard truth is that there is an extremely small chance it will be read in full. 

Your cover letter should not exceed one page in length or approximating 250-400 words in a standard font at size 12. This is not a lot of words, so you need to choose them wisely. There is no time to waste on unnecessary details or things that do not improve your chances in the eyes of a hiring manager. 

Here are the main points you need to include in your letter: 

  • Introduce yourself, give a brief look at your professional background and specific career goals 

  • Highlight your relevant professional experiences and transferable skills 
  • Explain why you would be a good fit for the position and mention details that you did not have space for in your resume 

5. Poor opening statement 

It may be hard to believe, but you have as little as six seconds to create a positive impression on a hiring manager with your application. You should try to grab them with the first sentence, and a poor opening statement will drastically reduce the chances that they make it through your entire cover letter. 

Do not being with a run-on sentence about your bio or how you found this job posting. If you can mention if you were referred for this job by an existing company employee, but you don’t need to include a lot of background about how you know them. Start with something strong that promotes your skills and how you will use them to reach company goals. 

For example, “As a content creator with 6+ years’ experience, I have developed effective strategies that have been proven to increase audience reach, engagement and sales.” 

6. Grammatical errors 

If there are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your cover letter, it can be an immediate cause for rejection in the eyes of a hiring manager. Despite this, poor and incorrect grammar remains one of the most common of the 7 cover letter mistakes to avoid in 2023. You must pay attention to the spelling and grammar of your cover letter. It is proof of your written communication skills and will be seen as a measure of your ability to pay attention to detail. Failure to correct typos reduces your professional credibility.  

Don’t be shy about asking a friend, colleague or someone from your professional network to proofread your cover letter for any typos. Just be willing to return the favour if you are asked and help someone else prepare their job application. 

7. Using AI To Write It 

AI writing is all the rage in 2023, but using it to produce your cover letter would be a big mistake. The launch of ChatGPT has spurred an explosion of similar AI programs that can produce written content with varying degrees of success. This had led to a large depart about the future role of automation in a variety of industries, and how soon the future may arrive. 

While automation does have a role to play in the hiring and recruitment process, using ChatGPT and similar programs to write your cover letter has a good chance of backfiring. There are already programs designed to identify AI-generated content. If a hiring manager determines that you used AI writing for your cover letter, they will most likely take it as sign that you are not serious about this job. If you are not willing to put the full amount of work into the application, they will likely assume that you will bring this same lackadaisical approach to the job itself. 

Your cover letter is your opportunity to explain to a hiring manager why you are the best choice for the job. You can discuss your accomplishments, discuss your professional process and highlight the transferable skills you will bring with you into the workplace. By knowing 7 cover letter mistakes to avoid in 2023, your application will stand out to a hiring manager for all the right reasons. 

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