SM Construction inc.

SM Construction inc.

15971, boul. de la Colline, Quebec City , QC G3G 3A7

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SM Construction specializes in the design and construction of all kinds of bulk plants, marine terminals, service stations, commercial buildings and prefabricated technical buildings. Over the years, SM Construction has also developed recognized expertise in demolition and rehabilitation of contaminated sites.

We have developed flexible and versatile management for all types of developments. Since our clients are a priority, we make a maintenance service available at all times, both for the petroleum facilities and for buildings.

Our operational efficiency, deadline compliance and certification, in addition to being certified ISO 9001 make SM Construction a reputable mandatary. Our ability to meet challenges and find innovative solutions guarantees the success of your projects.

Work environment


SM Construction places the occupational health and safety (OHS) of its employees at the heart of its actions. Our substantial efforts allow our teams to be recognized by our customers and partners for their effective management and prevention. By focusing on prevention and awareness, Sm Construction has built a corporate culture based on safety and prevention.

Finally, to promote respect for health and safety at work, OHS prizes are awarded every three months to employees, chosen by their colleagues, from each of the subsidiaries who have taken concrete actions to prevent possible accidents. . These awards demonstrate that respecting and preventing OSH is a teamwork and everyone's responsibility.




Commit and fulfill our commitments to our customers, colleagues and business partners:

  • By setting clear goals and making sure you reach them.
  • By setting clear goals and making sure you reach them.
  • By recognizing the successes of our employees.



Establish collaborative teams:

  • By creating an environment focused on collaboration and openness, where points of view differences are welcome and where decisions are supported and taken at the right moment.
  • By promoting a sense of belonging and unity towards the Groupe SM Tardif.


Being able to adapt:

  • Welcoming changes and accepting new challenges.
  • By knowing how to evolve according to the context, events, needs or a new business opportunity.
  • By adopting new behaviours, tools and working methods.
  • By being flexible in your own way of being, thinking, learning and interacting.



Act professionally:

  • By showing integrity, acting responsibly, treating others with respect and consideration and in accordance with the rules of ethics.
  • By putting employee health and safety at the heart of our practices.
  • By attracting the best candidates and promoting the development of our employees.

Community involvement

Over the years, the Groupe SM Tardif Inc. decided to get involved socially with various organisations. The causes selected directly affectchildren's needs or are related to events experienced by the people around us (employees, family or friends).