Learn more about Groupe Courchesne Larose

The Courchesne Larose Group is a Canadian leader in the fresh fruit and vegetable market. Thanks to the Group’s being solidly established in its trade and the strength of its distribution network, it maintains successful ties with all its business partners and constitutes a pivotal link in the food quality and freshness chain.

integrated corporation simultaneously acts as importer, distributor, packer, broker, exporter and producer, and makes its presence felt daily in the wholesale and retail fresh food marketplaces. Across-the-board integration of all the Group’s activities allows it to guarantee service integrity as well as product quality and freshness from field to plate!

Client satisfaction is the key commitment aspect of the Group, its business units and partners. In a stiffly competitive sector, the Group stands out through impeccable customer service. Just-in-time delivery and exceptional product quality and freshness all lie at the heart of the Group’s concerns.

Our affiliates:

Courchesne Larose Ltd offers its suppliers the broadest showcase and the largest and best network for the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables in Eastern Canada, thus allowing its clients to benefit from fresh, top-quality, diversified products year-round.

Out of concern for providing its clients with healthy tasty foods tailor-made for today’s upbeat way of life Bercy Foods inc. co-operates in close ties with its partners to offer you fruits and vegetables exuding purity and as fresh as if they came out of your own garden.

KROPS IMPORTS Inc. provides its suppliers with broad exposure in Canada and takes care of importing and distributing foreign produce of unbeatable quality with top-notch professionalism.

Agricola Michal is the Group’s latest investment in South America. It takes on the form of a partnership with local business owners that aims to establish a fruit tree plantation (citrus fruits and grapes) in Brazil, at the Uruguayan border. Agricola Michal is also a partner in a packing and packaging station that enables to put the produce on local and international markets.

Community involvement

The Group is especially sensitized to the hunger problem rampant in several distressed areas, so it has committed itself toward a number of food banks, including Moisson Montréal and Moisson Rive-Sud, as well as various community organizations that distribute meals to the most deprived people.

Donations in kind enable to prepare these meals featuring fresh, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Deeply ingrained in its trade and society through its culture and long, successful history, the Group has committed itself toward several players in the community and social field.

In fact, a particular foundation that raises funds for meals served in schools located in underprivileged areas, aid to homework and prevention of school drop-out bears the name of Louis-Charles Routhier.

In addition, the Group takes part in several fund-raising activities for organizations such as Je passe partout, le Boulot vers, the Fondation du Collège Jean-Eudes, the Tablée des Chefs as well as the CHUM and Sainte-Justine Hospital foundations, just to name a few. Out of concern for limiting losses owing to the very nature of the perishable products they work with, the Group’s affiliates have adopted best inventory management practices and the latest technologies enabling them to optimize food conservation.