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York Region District School Board

Elementary Occasional Teacher (Primary/Junior/Intermediate) - 2024/2025

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By completing our

Elementary Occasional Teacher (Primary/Junior/Intermediate)

online application, you are taking the first step towards joining an educational community that is committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to experience success.


Elementary Occasional Teaching opportunities will be effective this school year (2024/2025).

Please note that if you are successful through the hiring process, you must be available to work immediately in order to be placed onto the Elementary Occasional Teaching Roster.

This posting may be reactivated at any time throughout the 2024/2025 school year, as hiring is determined by system needs.

At the York Region District School Board we can offer you a challenging and rewarding career in public education.

We support teachers in their commitment to ensuring student success.

We recognize the key difference that teachers make in the lives of all learners.

We are looking for strong, capable teachers who have the desire "to advance student achievement and well-being through public education, which motivates learners, fosters inclusion, inspires innovation and builds community".

The skills, talents and dedication that you bring will make the system stronger in its ability to meet the learning needs of students today and well into the future.

Additional Information:

To be considered for Elementary Occasional Teaching, you must have qualifications in Primary, Junior, and/or Intermediate.

If you are Intermediate/Senior qualified only, please do not submit an application to Elementary Occasional Teaching.

We would encourage you to review and apply to active job postings, including the Secondary Occasional Teaching job posting (if posted).

If you are interested and/or qualified to teach French, please complete the separate Elementary French Teacher (Core/Immersion) application posted on the YRDSB Careers page.

If you are a current YRDSB employee (permanent or temporary/term) and are successful through the OT selection process, you will be required to remain in your current position until the next approved natural break (i.e. Winter Break, March Break, End of Term One, End of Semester).

If you are not currently a member in Good Standing with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) (e.g. STATUS - Inactive - Non Practising due to Non Payment of Fees), your application may be considered although you would not be eligible to participate in the Selection Process or added to the Occasional Teacher Roster until membership is confirmed.

If you are applying to both Elementary and Secondary Occasional Teaching at YRDSB, you will only be eligible to be on one (1) of the two (2) Occasional Teaching Rosters.

Therefore, it is important that you prioritize which list you prefer (Elementary or Secondary) as once you accept a position on the Occasional Teacher Roster, your application will be inactivated from the other teacher job posting(s).

In the application process

you will be prompted to provide at least three (3) professional, supervisory teaching references (including full name, position title, work location/organization, and email address) in the job posting screening section of the online application.

We do not contact references prior to practicum (written submission)/interview.

Examples of referees could include the following:

Principal/Vice-Principal that has supervised you and can speak to your teaching practice in the panel to which you are applying;

Faculty Advisor/Coordinator or Practicum Advisor that has observed and evaluated your teaching practice in a classroom setting;

Host/Mentor Teacher that has supervised you and can speak to your teaching practice in an elementary/secondary setting; and/or

Professional reference who can speak to your teaching practice.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) believes in giving each and every applicant an equal opportunity to succeed on their own merit and we strive to hire staff that reflect and support the diverse perspectives, experiences and needs of students and communities. We remain committed to upholding the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our living, learning and work environments. We know that diversity underpins excellence, and that we all share responsibility for creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive Board-community.

Therefore, in pursuit of the Board’s values, we seek members who will work respectfully and constructively with differences and across the organizational hierarchy in actualizing the Board’s priorities, goals and principles outlined in the Director’s Action Plan. Candidates who have strong racial literacy practices and a commitment to dismantling anti-racism, anti-oppression, and creating identity-affirming spaces, in order to intentionally disrupt racist and hateful acts.

We actively encourage applications from members of groups with historical and/or current barriers to sovereignty, equity, including, but not limited to:

First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, and all other Indigenous peoples;

African, Black and Black Caribbean peoples (in alignment with Anti-Black Racism Strategy);

South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Middle East/West Asian, Latino/Hispanic (in alignment with YRDSB Workforce Census to address disproportionalities identified).

members of groups that commonly experience discrimination due to race, ancestry, colour, religion and/or spiritual beliefs, or place of origin;

persons with visible and/or invisible (physical and/or mental) disabilities;

persons who identify as women; and

persons of marginalized sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

At YRDSB, we recognize that many of these identities intersect and therefore, equity, diversity and inclusion can be complex. We value and respect the contributions that each person brings to enriching the Board and are committed to ensuring full and equal participation for all in the communities that we serve.

Accessibility and Accommodation Statement

We also recognize the duty to accommodate and foster a culture of inclusion. Consistent with the principles of dignity, individualization and inclusion, we will make any appropriate accommodation based on any of the protected grounds in the Human Rights Code to support candidate participation in the hiring process. When contacted, candidates will be provided with an overview of the various elements of the hiring process, such as skills assessments, written practicum, presentation, interview, etc. If an accommodation is required, requests can be made in advance of any stage of the recruitment process. All information received relating to a candidate’s required accommodation will be addressed confidentially by the Recruitment and Retention Team. Please make this request to or a member of the Recruitment Team. If this position is a school based LTO/Contract Teaching position, please email the Principal directly to request the accommodation to be made at the school in collaboration with Human Resource Services, Disability Management Team.

Important Note for YRDSB Employees:

If you have a current accommodation in place through Disability

Management, please inform your Disability Management Case Manager to

ensure that your accommodation needs can be met in the new role that you

are pursuing. If invited to participate in the hiring process, and you

are unable to perform the essential/bona fide requirements (e.g.

physical, cognitive requirements), please notify the Recruitment Team by

emailing to review next steps (in the email please reference the job title you are applying to).

Important Information for CUPE 1734 Members:

LA.11.7 Those twelve (12) month employees filling vacancies as a result of their applying to a job posting are to remain twelve (12) months at their position. Ten (10) month employees are to remain in their position until the end of the school year. This requirement can be waived with permission from the Superintendent responsible for Human Resource Services. This does not prevent employees from applying for a position or from applying for a promotion during the twelve (12) month period.

As a condition of employment,

successful candidates will be required to submit a current original

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) from the police jurisdiction in

which they reside or an Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC)

through Sterling Backcheck prior to commencing employment with the

Board. The PVSC and E-PIC documents are only valid if issued within the

last six months. Candidates are not advised to obtain this document

prior to an offer of employment. Should you go through the E-PIC process

it is the candidates responsibility to download the results and provide

a PDF copy to the Board upon instruction. Should you go through the

PVSC process, it is the candidates responsibility to provide the results

to the Board upon instruction.


applications are collected centrally at the Education Centre - Aurora

and are monitored by Human Resource Services. All applications will be

screened based on the required education, experience and qualifications

as noted in the posting and job description and as reflected in the

application. Only those candidates meeting these criteria will be

eligible to participate in the selection process and only qualified

candidates will be contacted.

The personnel file of all internal applicants will be reviewed as part of the selection process.


Level of education




Work experience (years)


Written languages


Spoken languages


Internal reference No.