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Tester to update test scripts & ensure testing activities of new SAP solution for Information Management System.

Ottawa, ON
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Our vauled public sector client is seeking a Tester to update test scripts, document test scripts and ensure testing activities of new SAP solution for Information Management System.

The Materiel Identification (MI) Project modernizes the policy and Information Technology (IT) tools supporting the recording and management of information related to the materiel acquired by the Public Sector client. The Resource Management Information System is the client's financial and logistical system of record. Currently, it is not optimized for all business processes that use the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and the latest system configuration is hindering the ability for many business areas to leverage IT-enabled improvements. The current ERP system configuration that manages the recording of MI information has a backlog of user-generated problem reports and change requests. The estimated volume of work is beyond the capacity of the Department to implement immediately. The Tester will support the MI Project to deliver a revised solution in conjunction with an updated policy and training set that will meet all of the client's business requirements in this area. The project finished the design phase and wants to implement the new solution.
  1. Tester must perform the following tasks:
    • Work with the Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) (ADM(IM)) testing team and business owners to:
      • Update test scripts;
      • Document test scripts;
      • Incorporate acceptance criteria;
      • Assess test results;
      • Verify successful testing for the core MI process; and
      • Verify successful testing of legacy test scripts impacted by the MI Project changes;
    • Assist test execution and co-ordination of DND user testers;
    • Provide reports on testing activity progress; and
    • Work with the ADM(IM) technical team to ensure that the testing of the new SAP® solution complies with the MI business, technical and functional requirements


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