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Our valued public sector client is looking for a Program Manager for an Enterprise Documents and Records Management System Foundation project.


a. Manages several Project Managers, each responsible for an element of the project and its associated project team;
b. Manages the project during the development, implementation and operations start-up by ensuring that resources are made available and that the project is developed and is fully operational within previously agreed time, cost and performance parameters;
c. Formulates statements of problems; establishes procedures
for the development and implementation of significant, new or modified project elements to solve these problems, and obtains approval thereof;
d. Defines and documents the objectives for the project, determines budgetary requirements, the composition, roles and responsibilities and terms of reference for the project team;
e. Reports progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle;
f. Meets in conference with stakeholders and other project managers and states problems in a form capable of being solved; and
g. Prepares plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analyzing or displaying problems, works with a variety of project management tools

  • Ten (10) years in Program/Project Management
  • A university degree or equivalent;
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification;
  • Experienced in the management of large scale product projects
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