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IM Business Architect - Senior

Ottawa, ON
  • Number of positions available : 1

  • To be discussed
  • Contract job

  • Starting date : 1 position to fill as soon as possible

Our valued Client is seeking a IM Business Architetect for an intiial 3 mointh Contract in Downtown Ottawa.

  • Develop a consultation plan with key questions related to the objective of the OGIP
  • Coordinate consultation sessions with key stakeholders within both Councils
  • Develop the Open Government Implementation Plan (OGIP) with forward schedule diagram
  • Develop a deck presentation summarizing the OGIP
  • Present findings and outcomes to senior management
  • Develop a Communication Plan for providing awareness on OGIP for specific audiences across the Agencies.
  • Develop and implement the Open Government Implementation Plan (OGIP) to:
  • provide define the Agencies’ Open Government strategic activities for the 5 year implementation time frame;
  • provide a high-level executive and non-technical overview that describes the agencies’ mandate, vision, and mission, along with its specific or implicit roles for facilitating Open Government;
  • summarize the challenges and opportunities that the Agencies will experience in the course of executing the implementation plan, as well as the changes sought within the Agencies to obtain their desired state for achieving their Open Government objectives; and
  • Illustrate how the Information Management Senior Official (IMSO) and the Deputy Head (DH) are fulfilling their responsibilities with regard to the integration of the requirements of the Directive into any new plans for procuring, developing, or modernizing departmental information applications, systems, or solutions.
  • Develop and implement a planning table that references the requirements of the Directive and outlines key activities, responsible roles, timelines and resources-human and financial-required for achieving compliance with the Directive within the five year implementation time frame.
  • Develop and implement, with the collaboration of the Agencies’ internal communication teams, a communication plan to promote awareness across the Agencies of the Directive on Open Government and its associated activities. The communication plan must reach 3 types of audiences within the Agencies:
  • Management - accountable for risks and integration
  • Implementers - functional specialist and enablers (IM/IT, ATIP)



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