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Bilingual Customer Traveling Trainer

Quebec City, QC
  • Number of positions available : 1

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  • Full time
  • Starting date : 1 position to fill as soon as possible

Position description:
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As an Entry Level Traveling Customer Trainer you will be traveling to our customers to assist them in making a smooth conversion to the Reynolds and Reynolds system. You will be tasked with providing in-person, on-site training and customer support throughout the process. Extensive travel is involved when you are not working from a home office (equipment supplied by Reynolds).

Primary Responsibilities:
- Virtual weeks (at home office) (15-25% of the time)
- Prepare for upcoming installations utilizing company equipment (15-30%)
- Communicate with internal groups
- Assist with remote training or additional services as needed
- Administrative duties like submitting reports, and sending weekly updates
- Travel to dealership sites individually and with a team (75-85% of the time)
- Meet with dealership management to understand their business needs
- Configure solutions and training based on business needs
- Provide training and support of software to customer personnel
- Troubleshoot customer issues, diagnose, resolve and/or escalate problems
- Monitor individual work load and prioritize responsibilities
- Train/share knowledge with team members
- Use of time for learning, growth and development

- Ability to travel up to 80% of the time
- Ability to travel to the United States for company-paid training
- Ability to problem solve and train customers on software products

Working Conditions:
- Driving company vehicles on a daily basis, and occasional airfare travel - sitting on average 1-4 hours
- Presenting. which requires the ability to stand, sit, and use a pointer
- On-site visits require frequent standing up to 8 hours a day assisting the customer; bending and squatting to connect equipment; climbing customer stairs; lifting arms to reach servers or other office area shelving
- Packing, lifting and carrying personal luggage up to 50 lbs (discretionary) 15 minutes-1 hour a day
- Require to look at a computer screen for up to 8 hours a day with the possibility of typing up to 6 hours a day

Prior Experience:
- Exceptional communication and organizational skills
- Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
- Outgoing, friendly personality
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
A day in the life
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Training includes department observations, classroom instruction, and on-the-job training with a mentor. Classroom instruction includes product training as well as automotive dealership operations. You will assist experienced representatives with customer set-up and implementation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see Reynolds’ solutions “in action” by visiting car dealerships that already utilize our solutions on a daily basis.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Fluent in French and English
  • Ability to travel 80% of the time
  • Able to travel to the United States for company-paid training when deemed appropriate
  • College diploma or University degree required
  • Outgoing, friendly personality


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