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Activity Instructor 2

Dauphin, MB
  • Number of positions available : 1

  • To be discussed
  • Day , Evening

  • Starting date : 1 position to fill as soon as possible

* Grade 12 education (MB Standards)
* Post-secondary education in a health related discipline
* Two (2) years of experience, knowledge and aptitude for working with the specific population
* Other combinations of suitable education and experience may be considered
* Current Food Safe Handling Certification as delineated in Prairie Mountain Health Policy PPG-000564 Food Safety Education
* Province of Manitoba Class 5 Drivers Licence, or equivalent from province of residence, and access to a personal vehicle to provide service within Prairie Mountain Health
* Proficiency with Microsoft programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), as well as Internet applications and other Information
* Demonstrated experience in group facilitation and group dynamics
* Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work with clients, families, and other health care providers
* Ability to facilitate and/or coordinate direct skills teaching/skills programming
* Knowledge and ability to develop and/or utilize a range of program/community resources
* Demonstrated organizational, decision making, and problem solving skills
* Demonstrated communication skills
* Demonstrated flexibility to facilitate changes in techniques and procedures
* Ability to display independent judgment and initiative
* Ability to respect and promote a culturally diverse population
* Ability to respect and promote confidentiality
* Ability to perform the duties of the position on a regular basis


The Activity Instructor II (AI2) works under the direction of the Manager/Supervisor, Mental Health Services to provide mobile community based services for persons with mental health problems. The AI2 assesses, develops and implements a variety of individual and group programming and supports that will engage the client with his or her environment. In collaboration with and as delegated by the case manager, the incumbent assists in providing care, supervision and support for clients and caregivers through a variety of appropriate activities that assist the client to attain their optimal level of functioning and in some cases to prevent or postpone further disability. This programming may be delivered in a variety of environments (facility, supported housing and own home or adult day programs) located throughout Prairie Mountain Health.




  1. Engages with the client to develop a therapeutic working relationship.
  2. Assesses individual strengths, interests, goals, barriers to goal achievement, functional and resource needs in the performance of activities related to the living, learning, working and/or social domains of functioning.
  3. Develops a plan with the client that is strength-based and promotes empowerment, independence, and self-responsibility.
  4. Works in collaboration with the client and his/her support network.
  5. Implements the activity plan, evaluates the client’s performance in selected tasks, including their response to the planned interventions, and provides constructive feedback that promotes personal growth.
  6. Provides ongoing teaching, training, guidance, and direct feedback in the implementation of a client plan.
  7. Monitors and modifies the client’s plan to accommodate fluctuations in functioning and/or extenuating circumstances.
  8. Develops and posts an activity schedule as per program requirements in order to enhance client participation in the planned activities. Evaluates and re-prioritizes the activity schedule in accordance with patient needs.
  9. Participates in multi-disciplinary planning, communicates with team members, and assumes responsibility for client assignments.
  10. Consults the Occupational Therapist, Community Mental Health Worker, and/or additional team members appropriately regarding activities for patients with specific functional impairments.

  1. Works with individuals and small groups to identify learning and working needs.
  2. Develops individual and small group awareness of resources through information sharing and support.
  3. Works with community agencies to modify resources to accommodate individual needs, and reduce gaps and barriers to service.
  4. Links individuals and small groups to community agencies and resources to assist in the achievement of their personal goals.
  5. Identifies and provides opportunities for expanded life experiences to increase self-confidence and self-esteem with the goal of recovery.
  6. Organizes and implements group activities.
  7. Provides instruction for selected tasks to develop knowledge and abilities.
  8. As appropriate, acts as a consultant for job stations and off sight working locations.

  1. Participates in regular planning to organize and deliver programs that promote health.
  2. Communicates with clients, internal and external partners to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of mental health issues.
  3. Plans and delivers health promoting activities with clients, families, and internal and external partners.
  4. Participates in mental health promotion through education and public relations activities for clients, families, community groups and organizations.
  5. Implements programming aimed at preventing further disability, fostering independence, and enhancing quality of life in the least intrusive manner possible.

  1. Facilitates ongoing client education and training related to safe work practices.
  2. Mediates risk and addresses safety concerns for clients within the environment.
  3. Assesses the potential for crisis situations and intervenes to de-escalate/defuse situations
  4. Engages the client and relevant others in the development and documentation of a work related crisis plan.
  5. Problem solves and provides feedback to involved parties following each crisis situation.

  1. Maintains activity program statistics and provides monthly reports.
  2. Records assessments, activity plans and evaluations appropriately, as per program requirements.
  3. Ensures a sufficient inventory of supplies are available to meet the activity program requirements by maintaining records of supplies used, and requisitioning for replacements as needed.
  4. Ensures equipment is used safely, stored appropriately, and maintained in good working order
  5. In conjunction with manager/supervisor prepares area budget and reports anticipated variances.
  6. Advises the Program Manager of recommendations for capital budget expenditures.
  7. Maintains confidentiality in all matters pertaining to patients and their families.
  8. Prioritizes workload by utilizing sound organizational skills.
  9. Recognizes legal issues in relation to the treatment of patients, in particular the provision of the Mental Health Act and Protection for Persons in Care Act.
  10. Assist other Mental Health Programs when necessary to meet clinical and operational needs.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


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