Wayfair is Hiring for 200 Engineering and Tech Jobs in Toronto

Wayfair is Hiring for 200 Engineering and Tech Jobs in Toronto Publié le 31 May 2021 Par

With the announcement that Wayfair is hiring for 200 engineering and tech jobs in Toronto, it is a good opportunity for job seekers in one of Canada’s fastest growing job sectors.

Wayfair has announced a major expansion of Canadian operations, including a new corporate office in the GTA. This plan will include hiring for 200 engineering and tech jobs in Toronto, with more possible positions to come in the future.

Wayfair is already one of the biggest names in e-commerce, with revenue of $14.1 billion USD in 2020. The company already has a presence in Canada through its Mississauga warehouse location, first opened in 2018. The new Toronto location will be the first corporate office in Canada for the company.

“Toronto is a world-class city with high-calibre universities, infrastructure and community institutions. We’re thrilled to contribute to the energy and culture of the city, and have been impressed by the strong technical talent in the area.”

– Jeremy King, General Manager of Wayfair Canada

Toronto: A Global Tech Hub

The new Toronto office is part of a plan to expand Wayfair Engineering with additional new offices also being opened in San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas. This highlights Toronto’s position as a global engineering and tech hub, with over 66,000 new jobs added in the city’s technology sector in the past five years alone. 

Toronto and the GTA remain a top destination for both employers and employees, and was recently named one of the top fourteen cities in the entire world for work-life balance. It’s easy to see why Toronto’s tech sector was ranked as the third fastest growing one across the globe. Even the ongoing and deadly COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped its growth, and with the vaccine rollout gaining momentum, the sector is poised for even more expansion as the Canadian economy begins to recover into 2022.

Multiple Engineering and Tech Job Roles

According to the announcement, the 200 hundred engineering and tech jobs in Toronto for which Wayfair will be looking to fill include:

  • Software engineers
  • Product managers
  • Experience designers
  • Analysts
  • Data scientists

Software engineers: They design, write and create computer code, programs, software and applications that serve as the backbone of tech companies. It is a role that often requires degrees, diplomas and certifications in computer science and related studies.

Product managers: They are in-charge of the overall process that creates specific products. A product manager coordinates with all other members of the design, engineering and manufacturing team to ensure that a product meets all specifications.

Experience designers: They craft user experiences that are simple, intuitive and satisfying. Without a quality UX it greatly diminishes the chances that customers will continue to use a product, so it is a very important role.

Analysts: There are different types of analysts, but what they have in common is that they analyze company goals, workflow and outcomes in order to find areas of improvement. They work to keep teams, departments and companies on track.

Data scientists: They use numbers, figures and statistics to study the impact and achievements of a company, the realities of target markets and economic impact of a company’s products. A degree in mathematics and statistics is often a necessity.

To learn more and apply, view the Wayfair career page and be sure to check out the Jobillico job board for the latest engineering and tech jobs in Toronto and across Canada.