2023 Statutory Holidays in British Columbia: The Complete List

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Check out the complete list of 2023 statutory holidays in British Columbia and plan your next day off from work.

A new year brings new statutory holidays with it. These days provide important breaks from work for professionals in a variety of industries and sectors. A paid day off gives people the chance to step away from work and relax with family and friends. This helps employees to feel refreshed and recharged upon returning to the workplace. It’s not too early to look ahead at upcoming statutory holidays and begin to plan some time off. Open up your calendar and start planning your next paid time off from work with the 2023 statutory holidays in British Columbia.  

The complete list of the 2023 Statutory Holidays in British Columbia: 

  • January 1- Sunday: New Year’s Day 
  • February 20 – Monday: Family Day (British Columbia) 
  • April 7 – Friday: Good Friday 
  • May 22 – Monday: Victoria Day 
  • July 1 – Saturday: Canada Day 
  • August 7 – Monday: B.C. Day 
  • September 4 – Monday: Labour Day 
  • October 9 – Monday: Thanksgiving 
  • November 11 – Saturday: Remembrance Day 
  • December 25 – Monday: Christmas Day 

What Is A Statutory Holiday? 

A statutory holiday is a public holiday required by federal, territorial or provincial legislation. On these specific days, many employees are legally entitled to a day off or increased compensation in exchange for working. The Federal Government of Canada currently mandates six statutory holidays which apply to across all of Canada. Each province and territory is responsible for the creation of additional statutory holidays as they deem fit. The province of British Columbia, where more than 1.89 million workers reside, currently has ten statutory holidays

Holiday Weekends 

In 2023, both New Year’s Day, Canada Day and Remembrance Day fall on the weekends. British Columbia differs from several other provinces because there are no lieu days provided during the week for stat holidays on the weekend. In Ontario and Quebec, for instance, when New Year’s Day or another 2023 stat holiday occurs on the weekend the statutory holiday is moved to the following Monday. This ensures that workers get a long weekend and enjoy an additional day off. Please note, this applies mainly to people who work Monday-to-Friday jobs, or for government agencies. If you are scheduled to work on a Saturday which is a statutory holiday, you will likely receive that day off from work or additional holiday pay. Please always check with your provincial government to confirm the exact requirements and responsibilities. This legal mandate does not exist in British Columbia, and therefore employers and employees must negotiate any potential time off during the week for holidays. 

Remembrance Day 

People who moved to B.C. and did not grow up in the province may be surprised to learn that Remembrance Day is an official 2023 statutory holidays in British Columbia. This is not the case in Ontario and Quebec so people who have relocated from one of Canada’s two largest provinces will have to adjust their calendars accordingly.  

Rethink The (Unofficial) Extra-Long Weekend 

If 2023 statutory holiday in British Columbia falls on a Friday or Monday, there’s a chance that some employees may feel the urge to call in sick and make it an extra-long weekend. This, however, could create additional problems. As per official legislation, any unapproved absences from work on the day before or the day after a statutory holiday will result in you not receiving holiday pay on the day itself. Meaning if you have an unapproved absence on the Friday before Victoria Day weekend, for example, you will not be eligible to receive holiday pay for the actual 2023 statutory holiday. 

What If You’re Still Working On A Statutory Holiday? 

All employees across the province will not have the day off on the 2023 statutory holidays in British Columbia. Many people employed in the retail, hospital and service sectors will still be expected to work on these days. Just think of all the people who use the holiday for seasonal shopping or head straight to a restaurant patio during a summer stat holiday. The one benefit for that they are legally entitled to increased holiday pay for working on 2023 stat holidays. 

Commonly known as “time and a half”, employees will earn their regular pay plus an additional 50% on 2023 statutory holidays. For example, an employee who earns $15.65 an hour on a regular work day will earn $23.47 ($15.65+$7.82) per hour for working on a 2023 statutory holiday in British Columbia. As an alternative to holiday pay, employers and employees can also agree to additional paid time off on regular work days in exchange for working on stat holidays.  

Not Statutory Holidays 

Due to the fact that each province and territory can create and recognize different stat holidays as they see fit, there are some that occur in other provinces that are not officially recognized as stat holidays in British Columbia. 

April 18 – Monday: Easter Monday 

While Easter Monday is not a stat holiday as it is in Quebec, some employers give their employees Easter Monday off from work in addition to the Good Friday statutory holiday. This allows for an extended long weekend at the beginning of spring. 

September 30 – Friday: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 

First legislated in 2021, this day recognizes and acknowledges the tragic legacy of Canada’s residential school system, and how it continues to harm and affect Indigenous communities. It is meant as a time to reflect on these shameful programs and on what actions can be taken under Indigenous leadership to address these issues today. A Federal statutory holiday, it is not currently an official provincial holiday in British Columbia, but rather “a day of commemoration” which will see some public sector employers close for the day. 

Now that you know the upcoming 2023 statutory holidays in British Columbia, you’re ready to enjoy some time away from work with family and friends. Mark your calendars and prepare for some beneficial paid time off. 

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