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The 10 best paid jobs in Odessa

The best paid job in Odessa is Sales Representative. Discover their descriptions and consult the job postings for these positions on Jobillico.

The 10 best paid jobs in Odessa

  1. Sales Representative

    $32,240 / year - 2 job posting(s)

    At the beginning of the career, the salary is $31,200. In mid-career, it can reach $31,200. The maximum salary is $33,280.

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What is the average salary in Odessa?

Le salaire moyen à Odessa est $15.50/heure ou $32,240/an. Ce salaire est calculé sur la base d’une semaine de travail de 40 heures.

$15.50 / hour

$32,240 / year

(based on a 40-hour workweek)

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