How To Get A Job In Vancouver

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Vancouver is filled with exciting career opportunities for qualified jobseekers. Learn how to get a job in Vancouver, and start your job search today.

Situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by mountains and large forests, Vancouver is a unique and beautiful city. Growing from an important trading port and the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Vancouver has become an economic powerhouse ranked as having one of the highest quality of living levels in the world, making it a popular destination for jobseekers from across Canada and around the globe.

Vancouver: The City in Numbers*

  • Total Population: 631,486 (City of Vancouver) / 2,581,000 (Greater Vancouver Metro Area)
  • Average Monthly Rent: $1,941 (1-bedroom apartment)
  • Daily Vancouver SkyTrain Passengers: 526,400
  • Average Days With Snow: 8.7 days per year
  • Average Days When Vancouverites Brag About The Lack Of Snow: 365 days per year

*Statistics and figures collected October 2020

Work for the City of Vancouver

With a population of over 600,000 people living within the city itself, and over two and a half million in the surrounding area, the City of Vancouver requires a large workforce in place to serve its residents. Right now, there are over 7,600 employees employed by the municipal government, and more positions are currently offered through the official City of Vancouver job board. Available jobs include administrative assistants, engineers, parks department workers, librarians, tech-related roles and many more. For those wondering how to get a job in Vancouver, working for the city is a simple solution and can lead to a long and rewarding career.

Provincial Government Jobs

While the official provincial capital of British Columbia is Victoria, across the water on nearby Vancouver Island, the City of Vancouver is the most populous in the province. Given its economic and cultural impact, not to mention close proximity to the capital, the provincial government maintains a strong presence in the city. The BC Public Service regularly posts new job opportunities to their job board, and publishes notifications via their official twitter account.

School and Educational Paths

Vancouver is a popular destination for Canadian and international students looking to continue their education at one of the city’s world-class institutions. Vancouver was recently ranked one of the top 20 best cities in the entire world for students, meaning it will likely remain a top choice for people seeking an education. Completing additional schooling and educational training can be a very effective path for job seekers wondering how to get a job in Vancouver. Many universities, colleges and other schools have strong connections with employers in the area, and often offer co-op and placement programs. Prepared with a growth mindset, this is a great way to learn skills, gain hands-on experience and make industry connections.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood North

Do you have a dream of making films but don’t think your lungs can handle the move to Los Angeles? Then you’re in luck, because Hollywood North can be found in Vancouver. There are numerous movies and television shows that are filmed and produced in the Vancouver area, each of them employs crews of dozens of people all working together to create movie (or TV) magic. If you want to work on a set in Vancouver, you can find opportunities on entertainment-specific job boards, through educational courses in Vancouver, or even signing up with a background actor agency. Riverdale always needs more 30 year-olds to play high school students!

Making Make Believe

If you want to work in film and television, but don’t want to spend all day on a set hauling around expensive and very heavy equipment, you can still play an integral role as a visual effects artist. These are the specialists who create the CGI effects featured in almost every movie and TV show. Without them, Iron Man fighting Thanos is just Robert Downey Jr. wearing a spandex suit in front of a green screen.

Vancouver is a global hub for visual effects artists, with numerous companies employing qualified artists from Canada and around the world. If you want to become a VFX artist, schooling, specialized training and industry accreditation are your best bet. Vancouver is home to several schools and institutions that offer training in VFX, including the Vancouver Film School, VanArts, the Lost Boys Studios School of Visual Effects, and the Vancouver Animation School, just to name a few. Graduating from one of these schools will provide you with the skills and guidance you need to begin a career in Vancouver’s VFX industry.

Job Placement Programs

There are a number of different organizations that specialize in job placement programs in Vancouver, helping job seekers connect with employers in the city and teach them how to get a job in Vancouver. The BC Centre for Employment Excellence prides itself as a single coordination point connecting BC employment services with employers in Vancouver and throughout the province. They provide links and info about programs, events and other opportunities for all types of jobseekers in a variety of different industries.

WorkBC helps people gain useful skills and find employment in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. They have special programs specifically to help meet the needs of young people and young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business through educational opportunities, training and support.

Networking in Vancouver

Establishing professional connections and building relationships in your chosen industry through networking can have a positive impact on your career. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it too dangerous to hold these types of large and in-person events for the time being. There is an alternative, however, for professionals still looking to make new connections and break into their field.

Networking events, like many other facets of professional life, have moved online. There are virtual gatherings and conferences for professionals in all types of fields, sectors and industries. This is a great way to safely meet new contacts and learn about new business opportunities. Just find the event that’s right for you, register, log in and chat with like-minded professionals.

Canadian Job Boards 

For those wondering how to get a job in Vancouver, one of simplelist and most effective ways to learn about new opportunities is to simply check Canadian job boards for the latest posting in the Vancouver area. Jobillico is the largest Canadian job board, with thousands of opportunities in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, and new job postings are being uploaded everyday. Search by industry or your preferred job, and create your own profile so that recruiters in Vancouver will be able to see your qualifications and experience.

Are you considering a move to the west coast and wondering how to get a job in Vancouver? There are plenty of career opportunities in the largest city in Western Canada, as long as you know where to look.

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