Les environnements de travail renferment une magnifique diversité d’individus. En effet, les personnalités et les caractéristiques propres à tout un chacun font vivre et vibrer la culture de l’entreprise.

What if Disney Princesses Were Your Colleagues?

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As you know, there are health benefits to being creative: it also has a favorable impact on your happiness and productivity. So, let’s be creative!

Any professional environment contains a wealth of personality types. All together, a range of personalities and their assorted characteristics is what makes a vibrant company culture.

This week, I had fun observing the women I work with. A definite feminine strength lies in the capacity to add charm to the atmosphere and to liven up coffee breaks.

Here is the conclusion my observations have led me to: we all have princesses in our workplace!

Sleeping Beauty is, of course, Ye Tired One.

For her, Monday mornings (and maybe Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as well) are an abomination. She is BFF with the coffee machine and energy drinks threaten to take over her workspace. But come Friday, lo and behold, she turns into a whirlwind of activity!

Jasmin is one cool customer.

She may come across as a little high-and-mighty but, in fact, she is a loner with a sharp eye for efficiency! She likes to mind her own business, appreciates innovation and is remarkably organized. You’re lucky to have her on your side when complex projects need to be put through their paces!

Mulan is Miss Disaster.

There’s nothing she won’t drop, break, upset or crack. In spite of the trail of wreckage she leaves behind, she’s adorable. Many of the best stories around the office revolve around some sort calamity involving Mulan. Everybody remembers the time when she laughed so hard her soft drink came through her nose or the afternoon she spent with the hem of her skirt caught up in her nylons.

Pocahontas is the adventurer.

Her desk, melamine though it may be, contains essences of birch and oak. She clings to this tiny fragment of the natural world until the weekend comes around: then she can leave the city with her trusty canoe strapped to her car. Her snacks look like forests of kale and berries and she has the right homeopathic cure for any ailment. In secret, she listens to recorded sounds of the natural world during the busiest times of the week.

Cinderella is the fashionista.

Glittering and bejeweled, no trend passes her by and she has never been seen with uncoordinated accessories. She is magnificent every single morning, come rain or shine. Even on Fridays.

Ariel is the sensitive girl.

A delicate flower, she must be approached gently, carefully. Her eyes glistening and wet, she will always thank you warmly for putting paper in the photocopier. With her heart on her sleeve and her über-feminine ways, she will blossom like a rose amidst the meetings and projects.

Snow White is pure motivation.

Endlessly gung-ho, always reaching for the stars and the perfect team worker, she seems unfazed by even the most dreadful tasks. Spring cleaning anyone? As a member of the social club and an expert on handling change, she manages to infuse the troops with enthusiasm.

Tinker Bell, on the other hand, isn’t comfortable with changes

Why change anything that works? She may be a bit of a reactionary, but she can find motivation when push comes to shove. The key is to involve her in a project and give her the credit for new ideas. She’ll become your very best ambassador!

Anna provides comfort

If things go bad, she’s the shoulder you can cry on. She has stacks of boxes of tissues and will always find the right words to cheer you up. With comfortable hugs and a reassuring smile, Anna is the kind of person every office should have.

Belle is the intellectual.

She can spot a faulty past participle at twenty paces and fears neither gerund nor footnote. She is an endless source of reference for anything (and for GIFs featuring cats, somehow).


And you ? Which Disney Princess are you at work ? 

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