5 Tips to Better Time Management at work

time management

Last week, I was facilitating a Business Acceleration Conversation with a potential client to better understand their business, current landscape and realities, challenges, opportunities, etc.  As I was summarizing the meeting and asking what people liked most about it, I received one interesting question: “I always knew we were on a journey, I didn’t realize [...]

Four Reasons Why Recognition Isn’t so Common


Last night I was in a Dale Carnegie training session where participants had to provide a report on how they’d used one of the Leadership principles over the past week.  One participant took a different approach to this assignment and provided a report on how someone used the Leadership Principle on him and on how [...]

One for All and All for One!

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This old adage, the motto of the Three Musketeers, perfectly embodies the philosophy of relay racing though, of course, living up to it is not always as easy as it sounds. Robert Esmie, Glenroy Gilbert, Donovan Bailey and myself, Bruny Surin, were four teammates but also four individual athletes with enormous ambition and unlimited aspirations. [...]

From Olympic athlete to entrepreneur: A mapped out route for Bruny Surin!


By Arianne Caron “Together we are stronger.” Whether it’s by sharing his knowledge or his commitment, Bruny Surin is an outstanding role model of cooperation. The athlete has been involved in the community for several years now – be it with youth, athletes or businessmen and women – and today hopes to inspire companies and [...]

From Mad Men to Micro-Targeting: Advertising in the 21st Century


By Daniel McDonald The world of advertising has changed drastically in recent years. Gone are the Mad Men days of the 1960s, when advertising companies only had to measure how many copies of each ad were printed, and how many people were likely to see it. With the widespread use of social media for sales [...]

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: The Backbone of Canada’s Economy


By Danielle Klassen What do Canadians value more than the country’s public schools, legal systems, banks and even health care systems? The answer may surprise you: small businesses win favour over all of these institutions because of their contributions to the nation’s economy. Small businesses ranked second most valuable to Canadians, closely behind the farming [...]

Accessing the Hidden Job Market: How to Find an SME Job


By Jordan Adams If you’re tired of the long, tedious, competitive process of applying to large companies, why not try tapping the “hidden job market” of SMEs? While the opportunities are sometimes under the radar, the rewards can be great. Many students are unaware of how many SMEs are out there—and similarly, SMEs face difficulties [...]

Un tout autre niveau : le génie au service de développeurs indépendants de jeux vidéo


By Simon Osborne “Do what you love, and the money will come”: it’s a positive affirmation for creative people everywhere, and Shaw-han Liem is proof that it’s true. Of course, in his case it didn’t hurt that the result of his work was a cool new product to bring to a billion-dollar market. Liem and [...]