5 ways of documenting your professional success

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Success in the workplace is without a doubt the top priority for any employee. While it’s perfectly natural to want to showcase this success, you might not be sure how to go about it. Here, then, are five ways to document your professional success… in a professional manner! 1. Track your evolution It’s easy to [...]

Employers VS Job Seekers: Same Strategies?


Are you satisfied with the results obtained with your job search? Have you ever wondered how the average employer prefers to fill positions? What is your main strategie? Here are, in order of preference, the main strategies that an average employer uses to fill positions and some solutions to make you stand out. 1. Inside [...]

The Art of Welcoming a New Employee


You have finally found your one-in-a-million employee! After all your efforts throughout the recruiting and selection process, you want this new employee to succeed in their job and hopefully, stay in your team for years, right? It is here that your reception and integration process plays a crucial role. However, most employers don’t see proper [...]

Santa Claus Is Looking For More Help!

Le Père Noël à la recherche de nouveaux lutins

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor As the holiday season approaches, Santa Claus is looking for elves to complete various teams at the offices of North Pole Inc. Jobillico had a chance to meet with him to learn more about the most popular business leader on the planet. Q: What do you like most about your [...]

The Canadian CV

The Canadian CV

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor at Jobillico Whether in our interpersonal relationships or our way of seeing life, our culture greatly influences how we do things and our ways of living our life. This also applies to the field of employment! Every country has its own codes of conduct. When you look for a job, [...]

Working in Quebec: The Experience of Three Immigrants

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor for Jobillico Most businesses today benefit from the chance of having employees of different nationalities. It is our case at Jobillico too: we have colleagues from Europe, South America and Africa. We’ve asked them for their story in a few words as well as some advice on how to make [...]

Jobillico’s 7th Anniversary


Happy Birthday Jobillico! By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor for Jobillico. Wow! It’s been 7 years since Jobillico first went online! On this happy occasion, we thought we’d share with you how this company, founded in 2010 by 2 young visionaries from the Province of Québec, has become one of the major players in the field [...]

3 Causes for Loss of Productivity at Work

productivity at work

Valère Drainville, Instructor and lecturer. 1. Using the Wrong Tools In the digital age, the number of means of communication is forever on the rise; teleconferencing, forums, social media, email, SMS and so on. Each method has, of course, its pros and cons. Some balance between them needs to be maintained. Overuse of one can negatively [...]