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W-WLKN is a unique streetwear experience. Our stores are a community sharing passion for fashion, music, sports and culture. We stand out with the excellence of our custumer service, the diversity of the 120 brands we promote and our own orginal clothing line.

To maintain our high standards, we surround ourselves with the best. To do so, we are constantly looking for passionate salespersons, full of energy, daily working for higher results.

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Work environment

Work environment

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Careers management

Chez W-WLKN et A1-5, nous croyons que l’avancement professionnel va bien au delà du niveau hiérarchique supérieur. En effet, plusieurs opportunités [Read more]


June 20th, 2016

Quebec City, June 20th, 2016 — The Canadian WLKN store is proud to announce a new investment of $ 2.3 million with the opening of 3 new stores in the Greater Toronto Area by the end of summer 2016. These new stores will be located in three shopping centers such as Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Upper Canada Mall and Oshawa Centre.


WLKN Store continues its expansion

After Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the logical sequence for WLKN Canada-wide expansion. The GTA, economic grown, multicultural basin, represents an interesting development area for the company.

By late summer, early fall 2016, WLKN Store will offer a new way of shopping for GTA 15-35 years old. Will be offered under the same roof, over 100 clothing brands for men and women, sneakers, accessories, exclusivities and a unique shopping experience focused on friendly and family oriented customer service. A common ground where people from fashion, music, sports and pop culture reunite. Streewear. Family. Lifestyle.

Over 75 new jobs in sales and marketing will be created in the GTA.

* Streetwear: dress trendy by mixing various styles (skateboard - snowboard - hipster - hip hop - etc.).

An entrepreneurial success

Pierre Mercier, CEO of WLKN Group, created the WLKN concept 5 years ago. The idea was simple: create a fun family environment while showing what the streetwear culture has to offer by bringing in various brands.

Today, through the company culture, employee quality and commitment, the focus on customer service and an active presence on social medias, it’s a beautiful WLKN entrepreneurial success that breaks borders.

2016 will be a significant year for WLKN, a moment to create opportunities and leverage current and future human resources of the company. Note that this September, a new revive online shopping platform will be available.

We remain at your availability for any additional questions. Contact: Marie-Julie Mercier 418 559-0403(mjmercier@wlknstore.com)

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