Tripar inc.

Tripar inc.

9750 Maurice Duplessis, Montreal , QC H1C 1G1

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With over 70 years of experience, Tripar offers a full range of metal stamping and CNC metal fabrication capabilities. Tripar is uniquely positioned to support our clients at every stage of the manufacturing life cycle, allowing them the ability to scale, reduce cost and succeed.

Tripar serves multiple industries such as Recessed Lighting, HVAC, Warehouse Racking, Appliances Furniture & Aerospace.

Metal Stamping capabilities
With over 100 presses, 1500 dies, in-house die design & toolroom, Tripar’s capabilities include progressive stamping, blanking, punching, bending, engraving, marking, embossing, rolling, drawing and deep drawing, improved accuracy and surface finish.

CNC Fabrication capabilities
Tripar manufactures sheet metal components using equipment and processes such as laser cutting, punching, press brake, metal forming, spot welding, shearing, riveting, clinch joining and assembly.

Our customers’ favourite part about Tripar?
Our employees care. This is reflected throughout our relationships: from the products we fabricate to the meaning of a promise given. Tripar may be family-operated, but to everyone here, it’s “our” company and we’re proud of it.

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Looking to work for a company that is not only innovative, but one that is also bold and nimble enough to move quickly and seize upon opportunities? This is what Tripar does, often initiated from your ideas! We also help in your development.