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SPIRALCO is a company specializing in the production of spiral steel pipes and tubes that has acquired and developed the necessary expertise to produce high quality spiral pipes that meet the requirements and various specifications of its customers. The range of products manufactured at our plants is very wide and varied.

We are more than just a steel pipe manufacturer like most of our competitors are, because at Spiralco Inc., the customer is assured of finding the best product. We ingeniously design and build our own production equipment and machinery to meet the multiple applications of our markets and the requirements of our ever-changing clientele. We channel all our assets and devote all our energies to developing the skills and know-how of our employees to optimize the design of our equipment and give our respected customers a high value-added product.

We believe in authentic, enthusiastic individuals who are happy and proud of their work and who are mobilized to thrive by becoming increasingly autonomous and responsible. These men and women take full responsibility for planning, organizing, directing and controlling their respective tasks in complete safety, while seeking harmony between the human, administrative and technical dimensions. They are guided by a team vision and mission with a strong mutual trust.

All of them contribute, through their talents, to form dynamic, interdependent teams, committed to a solid customer/supplier relationship. These teams are guided and supported by employees who are proud to be part of them and who ensure that the energy is always lively and focused on the shared team vision and is supported by all its members in line with the vision, mission, objectives and principles that the partners have set for themselves.

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