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Solugaz is soon four branches located in Charlevoix, Saguenay, Quebec City and Rimouski. It's close to 90 full-time employees and 15,000 customers. A true Quebec flagship, Solugaz has enjoyed a reputation for excellence for 25 years, due to the diversity, complementarity and undeniable quality of its products and services... combined with the strength of a professional and competent team which offers the best customer service ever!

Working at Solugaz means having a work experience with passionate people who are determined to achieve exceptional results. It's about creating strong connections inside and outside the company, in a dynamic and warm environment!

255 rue de Singapour, #15, G3A 0P8

4 rue de la Rivière, Clermont, QC, G4A 1B6

1680 Boulevard Talbot, Saguenay, G7h 7Y1

532, rue Jean-Marie-Leblanc, Rimouski, G5M 0G3

Work environment

Working environment

We value our employees' competence, attention to detail, dedication and availability. The training aspect is very important and allows workers to acquire new knowledge, perfect their expertise and keep up to date with the latest technical and technological developments.

The most important values that Solugaz favors are the following:

In terms of human resources: team spirit, listening, sharing and climate quality
With regard to our customers: An exceptional and personalized service, from the beginning to the end, and this, in the respect of the customer.
Management: Sustained and consistent development, sound profitability, consistent efficiency, smooth communication.
In general company. : Progression, innovation, adaptability.

In short, team spirit is paramount at Solugaz because a united group is more efficient and stronger than the sum of individual efforts.

Respect, equality, sharing, trust, responsibility, initiative and dedication are values that are constantly conveyed in the compagny within all departments