Service d'entretien Clean International inc.

Service d'entretien Clean International inc.

1006, rue Renault, Lévis , QC G6Z 2Y8

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Clean is a Canadian company founded in 1993, specializing in industrial and commercial cleaning services, material handling and food plant sanitation. The company has succeeded in rapidly carving out an enviable position in the marketplace and has built a solid reputation for providing personalized service and raising the standards of quality within the industry.

“Done with care”

Our pledge of quality is a guarantee to deliver operational efficiency and outstanding results, while demonstrating professionalism and expertise in the services we provide.

Areas of Expertise


For 20 years, the name Clean has been synonymous with excellence in the field of cleaning services for commercial establishments and office buildings. At Clean, we ensure that our highly professional staff will leave your commercial or retail premises even cleaner than you could ever have imagined.


Cleaning services for the industrial sector require specific expertise, products and tools that are adapted to each particular work situation. In order to achieve the best results possible, our dedicated industrial cleaning professionals undergo regular training in this area of specialization.

[Food plant sanitation]

This is a field where consumer health is at stake. For this very reason, each and every day, our food plant sanitation teams meticulously clean and sanitize all equipment and surfaces on a regular basis. Our conscientious and qualified supervisors also inspect each area that has been cleaned, to ensure that the safety standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have been surpassed.

[Car wash]

At Clean Car Wash, we offer our customers a system that is reliable and efficient. ur ‘no-scrub’ concept is innovative and stands out from the competition. For the past ten years, we have worked hard to perfect the technique in order to achieve amazing results, while respecting all environmental regulations.

An Efficient Team

Clean is fortunate to be able to rely on its dedicated team of skilled professionals, who have a genuine concern for meeting and surpassing customer expectations. Each day, our team of experts meticulously clean our clients· equipment and work environment. We are proud of what we accomplish on a daily basis: a job carried out efficiently for the well-being of both our clients and the public.

Environmentally Friendly

At Clean, we work hard to respect the environment by using modern technologies that help reduce the quantity of water we use during the cleaning process.

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Work environment

Our Values

  • Integrity: We foster fair and transparent business relationships.
  • Assiduity: Attentive to our customers’ needs, our efficient and meticulous staff members strive to meet all our clients’ expectations.
  • Professionalism: Our outstanding employees have the in-depth training required to guarantee top quality work.
  • Innovation: We find inventive, innovative and efficient solutions that enable us to set ourselves apart from the competition and surpass the highest standards established in the industry.

Quality Pledge

Clean wants to continue making headway and distinguishing itself. For both suppliers and customers, the Clean signature is a pledge of quality firmly rooted in its vision and values.