RobotShop Inc.

RobotShop Inc.

18005, Lapointe Building 305, Mirabel , QC J7J 0G2

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We are known as the world's leading source for robotics technology. We are in a field that has a bright future. We are just at page one, chapter one of the robotics revolution. Our strategy is solid, our growth is rapid and our ambitions are huge. At RobotShop, like many experts around the world, we believe that service robotics will become the next major industrial phase that humanity will encounter. RobotShop is a pioneer in its sector of activity. We work continuously to conserve and reinforce our leadership position to ensure we provide a positive impact. To ensure robotics has a positive impact.

The service robotics market is enthralling and exciting. The future we foresee and build towards is a positive and greater future. We are seeking people that are motivated by these new possibilities, people who are passionate about leading-edge technology. We are looking for people that are able to invest themselves in a mission. We are looking for PROBOTs:

Productive is what I really am
Responsible is my main attitude
Optimist is the way I see things
Be the best in my daily tasks
Open minded is my tool to innovate
Teamwork and Service are always on my mind

Does this portrait match you? Does this field interest you? Whether you are taking the first steps in your career or have experience in robotics and e-commerce, positions are frequently available in a wide variety of fields.

Since we are at the dawn of a new market, the possibilities are immense. A career at RobotShop can take you far, very far. You have a taste for challenges and surpassing expectations? You want responsibilities? You want to change the world? Look no further because at RobotShop, you will find the best opportunities.

*RobotShop is an equal opportunity employer. The masculine is used in this text in order to simplify it.

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