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PVP MEDIA’s (formerly Groupe PVP) core business is the production of documentary, animated and fictional films and television series, complemented by our expertise in digital media and games.

Well established in the world of cinema, television, and digital media for over 30 years, PVP MEDIA sprang from founder Vic Pelletier’s passion for images. Since its creation, the company has evolved, adapted and successfully diversified to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Today, PVP MEDIA has a firm foothold in Canada and internationally, thanks to the talents of a team that extends to more than sixty colleagues sharing the same strong work ethic and quest for quality. Over the years, the production company has earned an array of awards and accolades.


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Work environment

Work environment

All of PVP MEDIA's employees have extensive experience in a variety of professions and are the driving force of the company. The cameramen, editors,...

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