671, Maple, Sutton , QC J0E 2K0

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Chase away your winter blues while working at Mont SUTTON! The best way to enjoy winter is to go out and play outside or to be around people who want to make the most of it! Student, retired or newly arrived in Quebec? What sets us apart is YOU! By joining our team, you contribute to the success of the resort and the ''Purely SUTTON'' experience! Whether you want to work outside or inside, whether you prefer to work in direct contact with customers or backstage, your place is here!


Work environment

Your boss… a real passionate

Our managers are good-hearted people who are convinced that Mont SUTTON is the best mountain and therefore they don’t spare any effort to make it work! They are inspiring, devoted and also funny. You will rarely find them in their offices, but mostly on the ground field, shoulder to shoulder with their team members!


“At Mont SUTTON, we are a big family!’’

It’s not just something we say; clients and employers alike proclaim it!


Teamwork matters

Yes, sometimes, it can be overwhelming! But you can always count on a colleague to get some help. Please be aware of not using the expression “It is not my job”. We are in this together.

During snow alerts, all teams work together to give our clients the best service. When hordes of hungry skiers rush to the cafeteria, Jean-Michel, no less than our CEO, serves our delicious poutine gravy. The administrative team helps to shovel, and so on. That’s our definition of good team spirit!


We take care of our environment

Mont SUTTON stands out for its environmental practices. We are well-known for our glades and for our respect toward the environment. If you love nature and you are for its conservation, your place is with us!


We are very accommodating

Balancing work and… family, retirement, studies, ski, cat, crossfit, etc. Whatever is important to you, we do not judge! Mother Nature brings us to constantly revise our plans. The nature of our activities requires a lot of flexibility so we try to give back to our employees as much as we can.


We are overexcited, never disappointed, about snow!

When you work at Mont SUTTON, you are done with winter depression! The best way to get to love winter is to play outside or to be around people who want to make the most of it! When you get to the mountain, you won’t hear any complaints about snow. Instead, you will see people grinning from ear-to-ear, you will feel electricity in the air and you will hear shouts of “woohoo” resonate from the ski slopes. Enough reasons to be excited, right?


For everyone and for all tastes

With several services offered at Mont SUTTON, more than 60 positions in different departments are waiting for you! Whether you prefer to be directly in contact with the clients or to be multi-tasking backstage, to work outside or inside, with your hands or your brain, there is a position perfectly suited to you.


A lot of opportunities to learn and evolve

Here, we believe that the perfect person has to be at the perfect place. Maybe your boss will get a little teary-eyed when he learns about your wish to try another position, but we love to see our employees fully achieve their potential within our organization, so he will understand.


We love everyone!

We believe that everyone has something to bring to the team. Fax, email or Snapchat generation… Every age group works together at Mont SUTTON! Also, we are a bilingual work environment. Accents are beautiful! We think so!


Great projects are ahead of us!

Mont SUTTON is renowned for its authenticity and its vintage charm, but that does not mean that we are old-school or boring! The next few years will be filled with projects and innovations, while we insist on keeping our values, our identity and our Purely Sutton DNA.