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McDonald’s Canada is proud to be one of the world’s leading food service retailers. From coast to coast, we serve delicious choices to more than 2.5 million people in over 1,400 locations every day. We’re also more than just your local restaurant. We’re hardworking small-business men and women, students working part-time, seniors getting the most out of life, and volunteers lending time to make a difference in the communities we live and work in.

People Promise

Our People Promise sets out what crew and managers value the most about working with McDonald’s, the opportunity to earn and learn with access to education, experience and skills development suiting their needs, choice through flexible hours that suit them best, and with locations in communities across Canada, we can provide a job close to home. We empower company-owned or independently franchised restaurant employees to bring their authentic selves to work by fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment, welcoming people of every age, background, and culture—just like the guests who visit our restaurants every day.

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Our People Vision:
At McDonald’s, we want to be Canada’s favourite place to work. That means delivering on an employee experience – a promise – to all members of the team at company-owned or independently franchised restaurants. We work hard to deliver a great experience to employees and our guests at McDonald’s restaurants.

Our Guiding Principles:
People are the foundation of our business. From the newest employees to senior management at company-owned or independently franchised restaurants, employees are offered the tools and opportunities to succeed. Our determination to foster a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment that educates, empowers and encourages people of every age, background, and culture, provides the strategic framework around which we focus our people efforts. It will permit us to attract, retain and grow the best talent – which is what we need to run great restaurants.