Les Tourbières Berger Ltée.

Les Tourbières Berger Ltée.

121, 1er Rang, Saint-Modeste , QC G0L 3W0


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Berger is a worldwide leader in the production of first-quality growing media. For over 55 years, Berger’s team of specialists uses a client-focused approach that meets the specific needs of its customers’ crops. For professional growers, that means consistent growth, predictable results, reliable supply, and moreover, a trustworthy technical support. From start to plant, how you grow matters as much as what you grow. Quality, consistency, and technical expertise are our trademark. In addition to holding 8 plants and harvesting on 13 sites located across America, Berger's products are distributed in 20 countries.

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The Berger team is passionate, focused, and committed to harnessing the power
of growing mixes through the power of our expertise and research.

We hail from the widest range of backgrounds, from horticulture
to chemistry to microbiology to soil sciences.

Together, we are dedicated to pursuing world-class research in growing mixes to strategically influence the development of industry standards and leverage our intellectual property to improve crop yield and quality for growers everywhere.