Les Jeux Polymorph inc.

Les Jeux Polymorph inc.

830 rue st Joseph E, Quebec City , QC G1K 3C9


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Polymorph Games is an up-and-coming independent video game studio based in the heart of the St-Roch district in beautiful Quebec City. The studio specializes in the design of strategy games on PC and console, developed with its own game engine. The team at Polymorph Games is looking to expand its ranks with further talented and passionate team members.


Join our team and work on Foundation, a City Builder taking place in the Middle Ages and developed on Hurricane, our proprietary game engine. Currently in early access on Steam and GOG, Foundation is among the best sellers in its category. With a very active gaming community, a strong presence on Youtube, and several rave reviews on specialized sites such as PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameStar and Canard PC, Foundation continues to grow and develop to become a must-play experience.