Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions

1421 rue Ampere, Boucherville , QC J4B 5Z5


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Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions. is a privately owned company that designs, manufactures and markets technologies supporting sustainable mobility. We deploy our engineering and manufacturing expertise in key processes such as metal transformation, heat transfer and electronics. Our key markets are aftermarket repair parts in North America, and OEM systems for conventional light, heavy and industrial vehicles as well as hybrid and electric vehicles worldwide.

Headquartered in Boucherville, Canada, our company's 850 dedicated employees have been the cornerstone of its innovation and exceptional customer service since 1989. We own and operate manufacturing plants in North America as well as our own tooling workshop. Comprised of 14 warehouses, our distribution network service American, Canadian and Mexican aftermarket customers.

Our Mission

We design, manufacture and market technologies supporting sustainable mobility.

Our Vision

We believe in sharing our expertise to accelerate the realization of new ideas and propel transportation into next generations.

Our Values

By valuing sound management, establish a spirit of trust toward our employees, our clients and our community.

Work together toward success and excellence, committed to common goals.


In an environment of trust and collaboration, encourage creativity and drive our transformation through innovation.

Corporate Policies

  • Environmental Policy
  • Boucherville Quality Policy

Boucherville Certifications

Design and manufacture of fuel systems, oil pans and radiator components for the automotive and heavy duty markets / Design and manufacture of tooling for the automotive and heavy duty vehicle markets: ISO 9001:2015 FM

Design and manufacture of fuel systems and other components: IATF 16949:2016

Design and manufacturing of tooling and components for the automotive (aftermarket and OEM) and industrial market: ISO 14001:2015

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Work environment

Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions believes that its success is the reflection of the quality of its employees and their work.

The employees are selected according to defined criteria which respect the laws and professional ethics.

For Spectra Premium Industries Inc., employees are an important resource, that is why employee training is a priority. A training program is in place to motivate and enable all employees to progress in a rewarding and dynamic environment. The successful applicants are dynamic and professional people who correspond to the culture of the company.