Groupe Vision New Look inc.

Groupe Vision New Look inc.

4405, ch du Bois-Franc, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Laurent , QC H4S 1A8

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New Look Vision Group Inc. (NVG) is a Canadian company based in Montreal. NVG has been a leading retailer of optical products across Canada and the United States for over 30 years. The company brings together 4 main banners including New Look, Greiche & Scaff, Vogue Optical and IRIS. The group's network is made up of more than 400 stores specializing in eye care. NVG manufactures its ophthalmic lenses in its own laboratory in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec, where administrative offices are also located.

Our values ​​:


We are honest and to the point with each other. We don’t dress things up. We face the facts, whether they are positive or negative, and remain solutions focused. We are humble and open. Nothing to hide, everything to share. We don’t conceal information from each other or play politics.


We are shrewd operators, focused on results. We are ambitious for the company and brave in delivery. We are numbers-driven and use data to make the best decisions, dispassionately. We analyze but know when to stop, make decisions and take calculated risks. We never settle for average, rather we strive for excellence.


We respect and support each other, always. We value diversity… and we don’t just write this: diversity is part of our fabric and makes us better. We never judge, never assume, always treat each other the way we want to be treated. We have a great sense of duty towards customers (patients) and community. But we also have a laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously!


Our ambitions are global, but our execution is local. We are a team of teams. A group empowering and leveraging the superior knowledge of troops on the ground. We know that the success of our business flows from the people who serve our customers every day, and everything we do is aimed at supporting them better.

Work environment

Our laboratory and distribution center in Ville Saint-Laurent is suitable for everyone. We have a renovated cafeteria, on-site exercise room, and spacious offices. The workspace promotes good communication between colleagues, whether on site or remotely. Several training rooms, technological equipment and a clean work environment that makes everyone's work easier. In addition, the workplaces are ventilated which allows to keep a good distance and having access to a large workspace.

At Groupe Vision Newlook, we promote communication and the involvement of everyone. The members of management are therefore available and accessible. Everyone participates in the development and growth of the business. We recognize the work of employees and do not hesitate to recognize it. Also, the employees feel secure because they are guaranteed to have great job security.

As for the ambiance, it's very family-friendly and it's easy to maintain and create strong friendships. We want employees to feel comfortable. Employees can dress casual if they feel like it. On special occasions, we highlight events with decorations, gifts or social events.

Career management

At Groupe Vision Newlook, training is one of the main ways that can allow us to remain competitive in the market. Aware of the importance of developing its human resources, the company promotes the acquisition, improvement and updating of skills.

This interest in mastering knowledge and developing skills and attitudes is manifested by the implementation of various programs.

Among these, the reception and integration into employment, training and development sessions, workshops on ophthalmic products, sales support, management support, etc. In addition, there is the support of your immediate supervisor, the sharing of knowledge and the development of skills with co-workers.

The immediate superior can provide the necessary support to identify needs and solutions conducive to personal and professional development. The Human Resources Department can also provide support.

The professional career of our employees within our organization shows stimulating opportunities for advancement and the support we offer them.