Foyer St-Paul de Bury Inc.

Foyer St-Paul de Bury Inc.

592, Main St, Bury, QC J0B 1J0

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The Foyer St-Paul de Bury is a small, private residence that can accommodate up to 9 autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors. The Foyer St-Paul is located in an old Victorian home in the village of Bury, 30 minutes from Sherbrooke. The Foyer, certified by the provincial government is a not for profit organization that is celebrating 50 years of operation.

Managed by a board of directors (volunteers) who works to ensure the lowest possible rent, this residence can offer its residents comfort and wellbeing in a friendly and welcoming environment thanks to its team of professionals who monitor the home and the safety of residents 24 hours a day. Meals are prepared on-site so that the needs of each resident can be met.

Located in the heart of the village of Bury, this residence plays an active part in the life of the community by inviting anyone interested to participate. The Foyer offers a peaceful and secure lifestyle for seniors as well as a place of recovery and respite, for example after surgery or a serious illness or a place to stay to comfort families. The staff is Anglophone or bilingual.