Charl-Pol Portneuf

Charl-Pol Portneuf

440, Lucien-Thibodeau, Portneuf , QC G0A 2Y0

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One companie, three plants, of which two in Saguenay and one in Portneuf. This companie evolve in the manufacturing of fabricated parts. Specialized in the manufacturing of industrial equipment for aluminum smelters, the mining and hydro-electrical sectors as well as for the naval construction field.

Charl-Pol inc. developed a complementary expertise through the use of an innovative technology allowing repairing, maintaining and reconditioning pot shells for aluminum smelters.

Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with a local firm, it offers services in design, engineering and drawings, thus allowing supplying equipment designed according to clients' needs, including mechanical, hydraulic and electrical aspects.

Faced with the globalization of markets, competition and technological revolution, our company reacted by demanding exceptional quality from our work teams. The Charl-Pol inc. holds several accreditations and certifications. It relies on a highly qualified pool of human resources comprised of welding engineers and supervisors as well as inspectors qualified under the W178.2 Level II visual inspection standard.