Chalut/Beauty Systems Group. (Canada) inc.

Chalut/Beauty Systems Group. (Canada) inc.

2172, boul. du Curé-Labelle, Saint-Jérôme , QC J7Y 1T3

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Our Mission

Through its network of representatives and stores, Chalut provides hair care professionals with a full line of products and equipment. Chalut also delivers a range of services adapted to each client’s needs, expectations and limitations.

Our Vision

Chalut is a growing distributor whose vision is to lead the Quebec industry in product sales and customer satisfaction. To do this, we will build on: • The quality of our exclusive product offering; • Our range of complementary services; • The skill and enthusiasm of our employees.

Our Values

Chalut's values guide its business, employees, actions and responsibilities.

• Integrity Our integrity is expressed through our desire to weave respect, ethics and fairness into all of our daily activities and relationships.

• Development We value the development of skills and expertise for both our clients and ourselves because we seek to achieve win-win relationships.

• Innovation Innovation is reflected in our constant desire to increase efficiency through our drive and determination to reach or exceed our business objectives.

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