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Cascades relies on a team of 10,000 women and men who work in its more than 80 production units throughout North America. With its half a century of experience in recycling, continuous efforts in research and development, and participatory management as driving forces, Cascades continues to deliver the innovative products that customers have come to rely on, while contributing to the well-being of people, communities and the planet.

Today, Cascades is a leading collector of recycled fibres in Canada and a North American leader in sustainable packaging and hygiene solutions.

Work environment

Cascades employees enjoy an enviable work environment which encourages them to take initiatives, work together and excel individually. Cascades offers an excellent quality of life not only through aspects such as work schedules, but also by organizing and facilitating shared experiences through social and sporting events.

Career management


In 2019, our investments in training totalled more than $14 million. Cascades employees have access to multiple and accessible career opportunities. More than 14 fields of specialization for approximately 240 positions. To date, Cascades employs more than 12,000 dedicated stuntmen and women. By encouraging internal promotions, the company allows for rapid advancement, both vertically and horizontally.

At Cascades, your professional ambitions are part of a personalized development plan. This plan defines your career objectives in line with those of the company and is regularly monitored. In addition to evolving in higher-level positions, you will often have the opportunity to acquire new skills by carrying out mandates in other fields, according to your interests. Since our business units are located across North America, your career path may take you to travel and live in different parts of Canada and the United States!

Community involvement

Year after year, Cascades acts as a responsible citizen by identifying with environmental and social causes and by contributing to community development in one or other of its privileged sectors. In 2019, Cascades donated more than $3.5 million in donations and sponsorships to associations that are close to its heart.

Cascades' goal is to become a leader in eco-responsible packaging in North America. To do so, 100% of its innovations respect the following criteria: reduction of the environmental footprint, recyclable or compostable components, protect products and/or maximize their lifespan, use less materials and integrate a maximum of recycled content with a preference for post-consumer use.

The Quebec company has reduced its greenhouse gas emission intensity by 50% since 1990. It uses 2.6 times less energy and 6 times less water than the industry average.

Cascades, respectful of nature.