Barrière QMB

Barrière QMB

4295, St-Elzear Ouest, Laval , QC H7P 4J3

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QMB Barrier Systems is a growing family business that specializes in road safety and traffic management. For over 30 years, QMB has been providing its clients with innovative solutions while taking care of their employees and offering them an exciting career. QMB is proud to offer its employees a work environment that promotes respect, fairness, well-being, family values and collaboration through teamwork. Today, the team is growing and so are our workplaces!

Being part of the QMB team means contributing to making a difference for road users through innovation, while having fun every day. Our team is both our strength and our pride. It goes without saying that without people, a company cannot move forward. To innovate, change and evolve, it takes even more: a solid team! We are fortunate to be able to count on such a team and our duty is to ensure that our team can also count on us.

Joining QMB also means sharing common values that constitute and cement the company's DNA: innovation, humor, teamwork, health and wellness, learning and authenticity. Visit the ''employment'' tab of our website to learn more about our team!

For us, road safety is a top priority. Our raison d'être is to provide our clients with cutting-edge and sustainable solutions in the field of road safety thanks to a community of passionate talents dedicated to offering a quality client experience.

Versilis: Sister company of QMB Barrier, Versilis specializes in the production of innovative traffic management systems, such as automated lane closure systems, with the aim of improving the fluidity and efficiency of road traffic.

Leader in its industry, Versilis continues to exceed the requirements and standards of the field. Its team of experts, constantly on the lookout for smart solutions, is proud to be able to help improve safety for everyone.

Work environment

QMB Barrier is:

  • A stable company, established for more than 25 years;
  • A family business, with a healthy working environment aligned with its values;
  • To work in the pleasure with the greatest team;
  • Corporate events focusing on team spirit and camaraderie;
  • Opportunities for professional advancement (we focus on internal potential first!);
  • Competitive overall compensation;
  • Continuing education aligned with your needs;
  • An incentive referral program (A bigger family? Why not?);
  • And more!

Career management

We capitalize on the potential of our team and listen to the interests of our colleagues.
We first post the opportunities internally in order to give everyone the chance to grow with QMB.