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Partnership with Children's Hospital Foundations of Canada
September 30th, 2020

Partnership with Children's Hospital Foundations of Canada

Often families can feel like child and youth mental health challenges need to stay in the family. With the help of the Sobey Foundation, Sobeys Inc. and Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations, a family’s circle of support is bigger than they think. Let’s create a new definition of family, one that includes hospital workers, community members, and even your local grocery store – we are all family uniting for child and youth mental health.

Thirteen children’s hospital foundations, together with the Sobey Foundation and 127,000 Sobeys Inc. teammates, have created A Family of Support: Child and Youth Mental Health Initiative - a ground-breaking investment that will help kids while they’re still kids, giving them the best possible chance to thrive.

This network of Children’s Hospital Foundations from coast to coast will implement a diverse range of innovative programs that will improve lives, decrease stigma, strengthen families and help more children and youth access the help they need.

For more information or to support families from here: https://www.afamilyofsupport.com/