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The Story of Doris
April 4th, 2018

The Story of Doris

In March 2000, Doris St-Pierre began her adventure at Ceratec with a specific project: to install the showroom at the Quebec’s branch. After spending a month at the Montreal’s showroom, where she learned everything about the company and the job, Doris was ready to face the new challenges that were waiting for her, challenges she has been overcoming for 18 years now! The relationship with customers is no secret to the manager of the showroom, "What makes me happy to come to work is to solve the problems that people have in their projects. Either in the choice of ceramics, or in the layout”. Doris knows a lot about design, and she is very proud of the experience she has gained. About her work, Doris tells us that her greatest pride is "to have been to Italy 4 times and 3 times at Covering in the US. Each time, I come back full of energy and full of ideas.” Indeed, her opinion is important, she was able to participate in the selection of collections at the Cersaie in Italy. She explains, "my role at Ceratec means for me a nice mark of trust from my employer". Needless to say, Doris is passionate about her work and loves the relationship she has with clients. "For me, working at Ceratec is a pride because Ceratec has a good reputation. " Thank you Doris for being so passionate about your work !