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The first month at Ceratec
July 26th, 2018

The first month at Ceratec

Charmaké, how would you describe your first month at Ceratec?

A month during which I had a lot of fun, the team at Ceratec is great, the human value is in the foreground. During the first month, I met many people, I can not wait to work with them. Of course, it's been a busy month too, since I have to quickly assimilate all the information that is provided to me in order to be the most quickly functional and manage to deliver the mandates entrusted to me.

What challenges have you faced since your arrival?

I arrive with my background of experiences and a vision that are sometimes different from the ways of doing at Ceratec. My challenge is to see how this baggage can benefit Ceratec without upsetting the actual practices. Some members of my team have been working at Ceratec for more than 30 years and have, over time, developed their own way of working. The challenge is to balance all of this and propel the organization forward.

What is the first value at Ceratec (collaboration, transparency, humility, integrity, passion) that you saw at work in your workplace?

Collaboration, but also humility, Paul is a CEO who is close to his employees and he is accessible: we do not see that often in a big company. I have seen people help each other and work together with respect. We see that the value of the family is present in the organization.

When you saw our offer on Jobillico, what made you want to apply?

The first sentence, which said that at Ceratec human value is present. After that, it said, we're not just looking for a good accountant, but someone who will be able to participate in the company's climate, then who will not change the mood of the employees too much, because we stick to our employees. Here it’s engage, train and retain employees.

During your interview process, what moments fueled your interest in working for our company?

The interview was very cordial and the climate was warm and pleasant. Throughout the interview, in the questions, answers and scenarios, what stood out was the presence of challenges in the position, not to mention the fact that the organization is growing, which has aroused my interest.

What elements of our hiring process did you particularly appreciate?

I appreciated all the steps of the selection process. It was very well done, not too fast or slow. We are in a market where it is full employment, candidates often have several offers and you have to be quick and take action right now .. After the interview, a follow-up was done quickly by the HR partner.

Would you say that your experience of the last few months at Ceratec match your expectations?

Totally, I would say even. I had expectations I said to myself: this is a company where I will learn. But there is a lot of things to learn here, as I said above, we are a distribution company at the base, but we have a manufacturing division so that's a challenge.

At Ceratec, we are all present for customers in our own way. For you, what value do you add to our end customers?

The customer experience. Listening to our customers is an essential component of their satisfaction and, in turn, their loyalty. The way customers perceive the company goes beyond the mere functionality of the product or service.