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Sarah's Story
March 1st, 2018

Sarah's Story

Two and a half years ago, Sarah Gourlay began her Ceratec adventure as Team Leader at the Shipping Desk. She is now Warehouse and Customer Service Manager at our Winnipeg branch! Sarah's attitude and knowledge make the difference every day in the branch. In fact, she tells us that she feels that her retail experience plays a role in the way she encourages and trains employees. “The Warehouse team feels empowered to make on the spot decisions to “make it right” for our customers” she says. For her, Ceratec means working in a collaborative environment where every idea is listened to. That's what makes the difference in her workplace! " At Ceratec, you can reach out to any department or team member from Sales to Management to Operations and know that if they do not have the answer for you that they will be able to assist in finding the person who does!” Thank you, Sarah for promoting a positive attitude and work environment so that all team members are engaged and interested in participating.